Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not selling anything, just trying to save your soul

Okay....I will admit ignorance to the ways of the Mormons. The only facts that I indeed know are that young Mormon adults knock on my door to offer me a free copy of The Book of Mormon a lot, and that no matter how many times I decline, they will be back.

I respect people who feel very strongly about religion. I just really don't love it when they want to talk to me about it. I am very firm/confident in what I believe. I do believe in God. If you are worried about my soul, don't be. It was sucked out years ago to make more room for the sarcasm.

Unfortunately, people push. Like today's visitors. It isn't so much that they are pushy, more like they simply resolve to try again tomorrow. This time I made a relatively firm and straight forward request. "Thank you. I have a copy of your card. If I should change my mind about wanting to or having time to read The Book of Mormon, I will call you. Until then, please allow me to wish you the very best of luck in your lives, may God always be with you, and please let us consider this good bye." It isn't that I don't respect these young men, I am sure that their belief must be very strong, but, I am in an okay place right now in what I believe. Why is that so difficult to respect?

Also, my impressionable children are out of town so I am rocking out to music that I don't dare listen to when their ears are near, I am wearing another maternity top that makes me want to sing, "her name was Lola, she was a showgirl..." every time I pass a mirror, and frankly their perfectly shocked expressions when the lyrics blaring behind me registered in their heads made me feel like a Duggar that got caught fooling around outside of wedlock. So boys...let us hope this was good bye.


  1. "If you are worried about my soul, don't be. It was sucked out years ago to make more room for the sarcasm."

    Well done!

  2. I am with you here. Except the maternity top part. I wonder what would happen if you'd open the door doing a showgirl impression? Just a random thought.