Friday, March 20, 2009

Just...oh shit

All of my toilets started gushing water out onto the floors of my home at the same time. I stopped bailing when my two year old tripped over his ball and fell. He broke two bones in his left arm. I am exhausted and distraught. We just got home from the E.R. My husband drove up to help, but has spent the last twenty minutes yelling at me because the house is a disaster.

Will try to write tomorrow. Good night.


  1. I am so sorry about the broken arm. How could your house not show the signs of a pregnant mom taking care of five kids while her stove and toilets shit out?
    I'm afraid I would have rubbed my husbands nose in the seepage and told him to stop yelling and help.

  2. Oh my God, you poor thing.

    I would not have reacted well to anyone giving me a hard time about the condition of the house under even a fraction of your circumstances. In fact, I might have walked out and suggested someone else try going it along for a couple weeks while I recovered.

  3. Good ideas these two ladies have. Further proof that husbands just don't get it. Even the ones that do, don't. Not really. They just think they do. Viv, you are a saint.