Friday, March 13, 2009

Do you think I'm Superman? my husband is coming home this weekend (maybe) and here is the phone conversation we had about his visit.

Me: So, you filled out the p/w so that you can leave early on Friday, right?
Hubby: No. I forgot. I used the comp time as O/T though.
Me: What?
Hubby: Next time I'll remember.
Me: So, what time are you going to be home on Friday?
H: Probably like six or seven, I can still leave a little early.
Me: That isn't too bad. I just don't want you to come for a day and a half and you be too tired to spend any time with me or the kids and everyone is miserable again. Like the last time.
H: Well, I wouldn't be so tired if you gave me more of a chance to relax when I'm home. Do you realize that I went to bed at midnight last time? Did you forget that I had to put both the little ones to sleep? Then I woke up twice during the night with the baby. If you don't help me more with the kids, there is no way that I can do anything. I'll be too tired. It is too hard to get up with the baby and then get up with the kids in the morning. Do you think I'm Superman or something?
Me: (complete and total dumbfounded silence...shocked that anyone could be this stupid)

I just talked to Hubby again, and now he is telling me that he'll have to work late tonight. Which will put him here sometime in the wee morning hours. If he comes. Frankly, I won't miss him too much if he doesn't make it. I'll probably be too busy relaxing and letting the nanny tend to the children. Maybe I should just send the older ones to boarding school.


  1. LOL! Love your humor even while dealing with such frustration!

  2. YOU are awesome... Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Make sure to tell the nanny not to wake you when the house-keeper gets to your house, because you like to sleep in.

  4. Them's fightin' words.

    I feel as speechless as you must have been.

    WTF is he thinking??????

    Sounds painfully familiar too.

  5. Hoo, boy...that is something. How could you keep your mouth shut? I remember once my husband came home from 2 weeks away (we had 4 kids 9 and under at the time), during which I had managed to start painting one of the bedrooms. So - the first morning he is back, I ran upstairs to work on the painting while he was in the kitchen with the kids. Would you believe he had the nerve to yell up to me, "Hey! David needs some help in the bathroom!" And I said, "So help him then." And he said, "But I'm busy with Brian in the kitchen! How am I supposed to do two things at once?"

    Beats me.

  6. Oh wow. These are the sorts of things that make my heart beat fast with the rage adrenaline rush.