Monday, July 19, 2010

Little Bo Peep lost her sheep...and Viv found them

My vacation is taking care of my six kids, my flock of (20) birds, our six guinea pigs, four hamsters, and a total of fifteen dogs, seven cats, Boss Lady's flock of 11 birds, two bunnies, a bearded dragon, and their hamster. (They have two snakes too, which blessedly, have already eaten.) I am totally in my element here, I only wish that my children were far, far away from my element. This work-cation is really for them though. They have been swimming in the pool, running after dogs, playing on the swings, jumping on the trampoline, having picnics in the shade under the trees, and feeding crickets to the bearded dragons.

*I* have been cleaning bird cages, serving meals to the menagerie, and sweeping the floors six times a day. I keep hoping to have the energy left after the kids go to sleep to take advantage of the pool myself...thus far...not so much. I have been snuggling sweet dogs, turning a rescued puppy mill dog into a tail wagging, people jumping, pseudo-extrovert...which her family sees all the time, I am sure, but it has been rewarding to have her come out of her shell with me.

Entertaining the masses today (okay fine, just my aunt, and neighbor's family as he is doing some work on the property out here) and keeping the kids from drowning felt like a full time occupation today. I think that tonight I'll go to bed early (not too early, last let out for the dogs is midnight) and bring my coffee maker over here in the morning. I am in need of caffeine. This is day two without coffee...and you all know, I need my coffee.

In other news, my Lilly has been so flipping awesome with everyone. I'm so proud. My other dogs have been great too. Turns out that the snarling beast my Patty becomes when faced with strangers is actually just a bad case of leash aggression...who knew???!!!

I have a new bird, a quaker named Kiwi. Kiwi came into my life just a couple of days before we left, and he grabbed my heart with an iron fist. He is fifteen years old, and he quickly wrapped me and my favorite Nanday around his beak. Even the kids adore him. I was sobbing yesterday because I missed him so much (I go back everyday to feed and check on our crew with the exception of the dogs who came with) and was really sad to be without him. Today was better, he gave me kisses and accepted my parting gift of people junk food with much enthusiasm. My Nan gave me kisses too, and I miss them terribly, but, I don't feel as badly about leaving them today. It is especially happy that they have each other for company.

Boss Lady has around 5,000 cable channels. Whoot! Gather children, and let Dora work her magic, and have her wicked way with you. I know this a horrible substitute for mind stimulating, mother led, activity. On the plus side, working the remote is like a lesson in computer science.

Okay, well, I am about to put my midgets upstairs in the hope that they will go to sleep. I will slip out to the pool, and hopefully swim off a few of the strawberry milkshake creme oreos that I just ate...with fat free milk of course.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Tonight I blog from Boss Lady's home. We are house/dog/bird/etc sitting for her family this week. Tonight, is our first night here, and with the exception of one very headstrong dog who refuses to come in, all is well. This is the first night that I have spent away from my babies by choice in....well, ever. BB and JB are my oldest, and, the only two with me here tonight.

My dogs are here with us, and they are being amazing. They acted like they had been here all their lives, and their dogs acted like they had been reunited with their long lost siblings. Very cool. Very cool, because I was super stressed about it. All four legged animals are at peace.

I am almost in tears missing my birds though. It is really hard to be away from them, I know that my hubby didn't kiss our Nanday good night. My sun conure hates my husband, and the quaker and the green cheek really don't know him. My babies! *sob*

I am less worried about my children with him. They are all pretty vocal at this point, and they will demand things like food and water. He is extremely frustrated because he has to watch the babies tonight...oddly (or perhaps not oddly at all) I am not sympathetic to this.

Okay, well, I will try to blog a bit more frequently now. My home network went down again, and they got it back up and running just shortly before I left is hoping that I will be able to access the internet on a regular basis again.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Oh,no she didn't!!!"

Lilly, our new dog is a pit bull. Yes, you heard me, a pit bull. She is the epitome of a well adjusted, happy, sweet, playful dog. She is the dog who responds favorably to new people, places, and things. She is the one who will take her walking orders from a tea cup poodle. She is the one who lets my kids use her as a step stool.

I wouldn't trust my chi mix with another person, child, or animal on the planet. She is mean. Not to her own, but to everyone and everything else. Would she bite? You bet! My JRT is far more mellow than my chi, and I trust her implicitly with my family and long as I'm holding her.

Lilly? I have zero fear that she will be aggressive with another human. Her strength is phenomenal. She will go into a trance with a big old beef knuckle bone in her teeth, until she cracks it with her jaws. At last count, that took seven minutes, and I strongly encourage all to be outside of the projected trajectory. Yet, her heart is gentle and pure.

I have no regrets about her being a part of our lives. It does however upset me when people freak out when they see her. Picking up your kids that are at least 40 feet away from her is going a tad far. Hollering nasty thoughts about my capability as a parent...BECAUSE OF MY DOG, is ludicrous.

Grow up people. Pits are not fighting machines. They *can* be bred that way. They *are* inherently brave. They are muscular, sleek, and awe inspiring. Most pits are lovers. They love their family, they are protective of their homes, and they are sweet, amazing companions. Smart, very, very smart dogs. Pits helped build this land in their role as farm dogs. AND...a pit bull, or any other dog, is more than 100 times less likely to kill a child, than that child's own parents. Really.

If you come to my house and you're afraid of my dog(s) please just ask me to keep them under lock and key while you or your child are here. Chances are, that was my plan anyway. I do buy dog food, so I have no need to try to coerce my animals into eating you or your offspring. Besides, trying new things upsets their digestive systems. So, get over it. Please?

Thanks. *Coming down from my soapbox.*

My Chi is, as are all my dogs, a rescue. Her aggression is limited to other animals and people she doesn't know. We take any and all necessary precautions to keep her and others safe. It is ironic though, that people will bring their children up and want to let them pet her...while she is muzzled...and then, those same people will run away from my APBT, who requires neither muzzle nor gruff word.