Monday, February 11, 2013


Well, we moved again.  Really.  The last rental was foreclosed on while we were living there.  Seriously.  I am desperately trying to avoid the temptation to talk about my rotten luck.  As things would have it, we are trying apartment living for a change.  I mean...nobody forecloses on apartments, right?  We hope.

Jeff has spent the last two days, on the night watch shift.  I won't was awful.  Too little sleep in the daytime, due to the impossibility of children playing quietly, and too much sunshine coming in through el cheapo blinds.  This lack of rest, and the irritability that inevitably comes with it, made the entire apartment feel smaller.  I am delighted to report that he is off today (he is trying so hard to rest right now) and tomorrow too.

The children are adjusting to the new school.  I am trying to adjust to losing 500 square feet, yet at the same time, somehow gaining a bedroom.  It's hard.  I think it will likely take us awhile to adapt, until we no longer feel like we are breathing down each other's necks.  I *still* am the only thing in my home which serves as a dishwasher, and I will admit, with seven people under the roof, it sucks.  Still, I am grateful we moved in time, that we kept most of what we love, and that our scaled down pets made the move.

I had finally been retrieving some of my lost birds, only to have to rehome them in order to make this move.  My heart about stopped when I had to send my conure to his new home.  We however, have two wonderful  parrots here with us, and the two dogs, two cats, and assorted geckos, frogs, fish, turtles, hermit crabs, and hamsters.  We were ultimately very, very lucky.

We owe Jeff's older brother a huge debt of gratitude, as he helped with the move at the eleventh hour after the tax place we used changed banks at the last minute and shorted our RAL by $1000.  That little detail sure was fun, but then, what about our lives isn't?

More soon I hope.  Until then, I will miss you guys.