Monday, March 23, 2009

Do not wake up sleeping children

What is worse than a telemarketer? A door to door telemarketer. Really. Some guy rang my doorbell, not once, or twice, but three frigging times. A 'college student' who wants my vote...and all I have to do is buy a few magazines to give it to him. Puh-freaking-leeze.

  1. When you are wearing a dress shirt and tie with a knit ski cap when it is 75 degrees shoots your credibility to shit.
  2. You woke up my baby. Seconds before her older brother would have fallen asleep too. This makes you a douche bag in my book buddy.
  3. My dogs are in total attack mode and you're about to mess your pants because you are so afraid of my 20lb Chihuahua. Hint: If you don't like dogs and there are barking dogs on the other side of a door...leave after the first time I don't answer the bell.

So, I wasn't very nice. I turned my back on him and said, "I don't think so, you just woke up my baby." Which was way kinder than what I was thinking. Apparently screwing me out of a nap makes me forget my manners.


  1. I used to hang a big sign on the door saying do not knock, do not ring, do not disturb - mommy and baby sleeping. Sometimes it worked. I turned off the phone ringer, too. I was so desperate for that nap!

  2. Isn't that ALWAYS how it is? It's like they have a nap clock. Oh, everyone's sleeping. TIME to ring the doorbell 8 million times. I totally know what you mean. Ugh...especially when you have dogs.