Friday, March 27, 2009

Guilt, crocodile tears, and freedom

Hercules had his follow up with the Orthopedic Specialist today. I called earlier in the week to make the appointment. I was told that the doctor would be too busy to see him this week and that either Monday or Tuesday of next week would be the first available. Which was one wrong answer in a row. So, I left my name and number and requested a scheduling supervisor return my call. The week flew by, and before I realized it, it was Thursday and I hadn't heard back. I called again, and please allow me to say that the woman I spoke with was completely awful.

Bitchy Broad: Dr. X does not have any openings this week, we have spoken with the doctor and he told us that Monday or Tuesday of next week would be fine.
Me: I cannot believe that there isn't another doctor that can see my child, or that there isn't somewhere I can take my son to have x-rays done, and then one of your doctors can review them.
Bitchy Broad: What you are asking me to do is flaunt protocol. We have procedures in place designed to best care for our patients. As the patient is your child, I would think you would be more understanding of this.
Me: I truly want the best care for my son. That is why I want the x-rays done this week. If the bones are not mending correctly, I want it caught early on, so as not to cause my child any additional distress. What really bothers me is that you won't schedule the appointment with a different doctor, I never met Dr. X, my son never met Dr. X, Dr. X didn't do the procedure.
Bitchy Broad: Dr. X was the attending on duty. Do you not care about your child's continuity of care?
Me: *At this point I went ballistic. Common sense and reasoning were getting me absolutely nowhere.* "My family has an out of town funereal to attend, providing that my son is able to go. That is in and of itself a tragedy. Can you please help us to take care of our child, meet our obligations, pay our respects, and mourn?" *It is probably important to add that I was sobbing by this point. Thank you high school drama coach, I wish I could remember your name.*

Amazingly enough, we got an appointment today at ten. If I wasn't going to Hell before, I am now on the fast track. I have terrible guilt issues over this, but...I have five children with the sixth on the way. Without going to the doctor first, there was no way that I could have sent H to my Mom for a week, and I really need to start looking for a new place to rent. I need to get caught up with my own doctor appointments, I need to find the children a new pediatrician. I have so, so, so much to do and so little time. I really need this break.. Not emotionally. I am already missing my babies terribly, and they haven't even left yet. Physically though, I need to rest. Also this will be the last opportunity for me to bond with my baby, as the baby. She is only 9 months old, and I think she needs this time for just the two of us before the new baby is born even more than I do. I am sorry Bitchy Scheduling Broad, I lied to you for my own personal gain. Thank you for being so nasty and mean that it was relatively easy for me to do it.


  • For now H looks good, although they want to see him back on 4/6.
  • H and BB are going to visit my parents for a week.
  • JB and LB just left for my Aunt's this afternoon for almost a week.
  • I confessed all to the supervisor on duty today. I think that it was much easier than Confession, she seemed to find me funny.
  • Now I will probably make Easter Sunday mass. Maybe even the sunrise service. does a Catholic good.


  1. You are too funny. I am glad that you got your appointment.

  2. That was pretty much the supervisor's answer too. I would have felt better if she asked me to say a hundred Hail Marys, but no, she just laughed.

  3. The house next door to me is for sale. The Catholic church is just down the street. We may have a crap town, but we have the best pediatrician in the world... You should move. You have no idea how much I would enjoy having you and your five (six) kids around here!