Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Relatively random ramblings

  • BB's long lost digital camera has been found. It was buried in an old sneaker in the back of his closet. When I returned it to him and told him where I found it...he said something along the lines of, "Oh yeah, I remember now."
  • My son's math GPA went up a full grade today. Something about skipping a student when entering grades into the computer. Glad we pointed it out...sigh
  • The second email his teacher replied to today was simply a cut and paste of my response to her. I am starting to suspect that she is even less computer literate than I am...and wondering if that isn't the root of many of the problems I feel like we're having with her.
  • My Grandparents are *dropping by* tomorrow for a visit. I guess you only have to open the door practically naked once before they take the hint and start giving you notice.
  • My toilet...still isn't working. The good news is that the mess is confined to the toilet. I have no idea what to do about it either. Planning on emptying a few bottles of something like Liquid Plumber to see if that will help.
  • I have now gone through three plungers. Lucky number four?
  • My dishwasher is making funny noises. I think it is protesting the multiple loads it has done since the upstairs toilet leaked into the dish cabinet.
  • I have given up messing with the stove. I think I'm going to buy an induction hot plate. I doubt that it will make me look any more like Kelly Ripa...but I'm not paying to get my landlord's stove fixed.
  • Because of the stove issue, tonight's dinner was comprised of frozen waffles, assorted fruit, microwaved eggs, and ice cream for dessert.


  1. What is up with Kelly Ripa? No one can possibly be that perky.

    Can I come over for dinner?

  2. i have a stove, and tonights dinner STILL was waffles, strawberries, and eggs....

  3. It's sad when one can't even have faith in the "professionals" responsible for educating our children. Sorry you are going through all this C-R-A-P. :(

  4. What is up with your landlord. Have the stove repaired and billed to him!