Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Too funny...must share

  1. My older daughter was the only girl for eight years.
  2. I myself am not the most feminine woman I know. I'll read military fiction over romance novels any day. I live for the most part in jeans and tee shirts. I wear minimal make-up (this part has really changed over the years) and I tend to get along better with men than I do women.
  3. My daughter is like the ultimate girly girl.

Almost six years ago now, my daughter went to visit my sister for a couple of weeks over the summer. My daughter fell in love with her Aunt who is the ultimate grown up girly girl. Before my daughter came home, my sister bought her this huge stuffed pink pony to sleep with. They even got a cake and had a birthday party for this pony. Easy to see why my sis is such a cool Aunt, no? Well, my daughter came home with Pinkie Pie.

For six years I thought that my daughter came up with the name for that pony...I mean "Pinkie Pie" sounds like the work of a three year old to me. For six years I have been making my daughter's bed, and plopping Pinkie Pie up there and shaking my head. Hating this damn pony for standing for all the reasons I have trouble relating to my daughter. Tonight I was reading the comments on another blog and someone mentioned Pinkie Pie!!! I am still laughing that this is the actual name assigned to this pink pony, by someone other than my daughter. I can't tell you how relieved I am that my daughter didn't name that damn pink monstrosity...and I can't type because I'm still laughing too hard.


  1. Seriously? Pinkie Pie?! I think the people that name these things should really be fired. They need to hire moms of the kids who own these things.

  2. Yep, we have a few pinkie pies too. Grr. My daughter loves them. One of them says, " I love you Mama" and "Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie and I love to play". Scary little voice. At least your Pinkie Pie doesn't talk. It could be worse.