Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh, by the way...

This weekend was wonderful. Really and truly. Hubby and I had my stepson come over Saturday to hang out with the children while we went off and just enjoyed being with each other. We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's, which I love because they have something called a Ruby T, which is a mixture of pomegranate juice and iced tea, that they serve with free refills. Yum. Then we went to our local (very nifty) outdoor mall where Hubby took advantage of American Eagle's tee shirt sale and I lost myself in the bookstore. We enjoyed a cup of coffee on a bench by the turtle pond and talked about how cute the kids playing around us were...or possibly how much cuter our kids are. It was an awesome day!

Today we took the kids to the mall to walk around and have lunch. Then it was off to Costco (such a love/hate relationship there) where I picked up cheap frozen yogurt on the way out for the children. We dropped our shopping off at home and headed for the park. The kids had a good time burning off some energy and we enjoyed watching them. I needed to run into Target on the way home and...we pulled into the parking lot to find LOTS of people just staring at the sky. We got to join them and see the launch of the space shuttle Discovery. Very Cool. We even got pictures! Talk about a perfect ending to a fantastic weekend.

Oh, and Hubby decided that he was ready and able to come to terms with baby number six. Whew. I was starting to get worried. We will be welcoming a new little person sometime in June...probably June...not sure yet...still trying to get a definitive kind of date. Tonight, right now, I am feeling happy and content. Dare I say optimistic? Soon...maybe tomorrow, you will probably hear the negative and an outpouring of fears and anxiety. Mood swings, ya know? Right now however, I am going to say a reluctant goodbye to Hubby and go to bed with happy thoughts of six children...half under three...dancing in my head.


  1. You're my new hero...

    I'm glad you had a good weekend!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! That is fantastic news...but I will miss feeling that "we both have 5" connection. Maybe someday...

    :) Monica

  3. What? JUNE? Like the June that is in three months? WHAT??

    This is the ultimate pregnancy! I only have to wait 3 months to find out what you're having, the name, etc.!!!!

    (Also, I am happy for you.)