Saturday, March 28, 2009

Posting...not crying

Today was an excellent day.

I managed to drop BB and H off to my father (he was visiting his parents) only ten minutes late!!! For me that is one heck of an accomplishment. H didn't cry at all, he was eager to start having fun, so he hopped right into my father's car and kissed me good bye.

TLL and I stopped at the natural foods market just to see what they had going on. I found it was really difficult to concentrate on my shopping without the usual mayhem. I had coffee there though, so it wasn't like the trip was wasted. TLL got to sit in the basket of a shopping cart for the first time ever. She was totally amazed that there is a world outside of her car seat. A monster may have been born today, I'm not sure when her big bro returns, that she will go peacefully into the back of a cart again. A sign from the heavens that this was a good thing came in the form of a call from my aunt, she wanted to offer me her grandson's shopping cart cover because she isn't watching him anymore. Hells yeah, we would like to have it...thank you kindly.

TLL and I decided to head to the mall this afternoon because I was desperate for some maternity jeans. I stopped my car in the middle of a busy road to pick a really scared dog up and out of traffic. I turned around and took the dog to our home. She was wearing a collar, but, no tags. My plan was to wait until it cooled off (it was 85 plus today) and then walk her on a leash and try and find the owners. My JRT was all excited. She loves to have friends. My Chi/GSD was also excited...she loves to have dinner. I locked my demented Chi in my bedroom and left the lost dog with my JRT playing. We headed back towards the mall.

There are four large department stores at our mall and only two of them carry maternity clothes. One of the two is discontinuing maternity, so they had like one rack of clearance. I was able to find a pair of jeans for super cheap though. The other carries nothing but totally hideous maternity clothes. The last time I checked, the women buying Alfred Dunner aren't of the same general age group as expecting mothers, so why are all the prints and fabrics garish and synthetic, and look like a sampling of what you'd find at my grandmother's bridge club? Tell me retail buyers, share your insight please. Do ugly mommies make better babies? They also closed the maternity boutique at this mall. So....I guess the slow economy means that all other women are too smart to get knocked up. I guess it also means that I'll be wearing my Cuervo tee shirt in Labor & Delivery.

On the way back from the mall, I decided to cruise the neighborhoods around where I picked up the dog. The sky was threatening rain, so I didn't really want to have to take the baby out in it. Man, oh man...I got lucky! The first neighborhood I drove through was like a ghost town, I was giving up when I saw... a Mommy! Yay! I love mommies. I pulled up in her driveway and jumped out of my truck and asked if she knew of anyone looking for their dog. She started smiling and nodding and the next thing I knew, the owner's next door neighbor pulled into her driveway to follow me home and collect the dog. Miracles do happen people. They do. I am so happy that the dog was reunited with her owner, and that I didn't have to face any difficult decisions about what to do with her. It is possible, although I am showing great restraint these days, that there is a finite number of stray animals that you can take into your home against your spouse's will before divorce results. I am trying not to push my luck. The thing is, that if I had to choose between my animals and my husband, it would be a really hard decision. I think my husband loves me enough to know that and he tries to understand my attachment to fur, poop, and dander.

After the dog left, I called my husband to let him know that the dog was already on her way back to her home. He, I must say, was proud of me. His initial reaction to the situation was, "just run the f#*king dog over, you aren't keeping it, it isn't your problem." After the dog was gone though, he told me he was proud of me, for both saving the dog and for getting it back out of his house before he saw it. I was cheerful, but also hungry. I decided that it was a good time to head out to...Whole Foods,...for dinner. Those people know I have no life. I'm okay with that though. I ate dinner there and TLL enjoyed all the attention she got.

I am typing this meaningless blog post (you thought I didn't realize it, huh) and missing my babies so, so, so much. My heart actually hurts. I miss my H with a vengeance. It is awful to be without him. He has been constantly with me since the day he was born (just about) he has spent the night away a couple of times, but nothing like this. TLL just went to sleep and I am lonely...WTF??? I know I made the right decision though, I talked to my Mom earlier and she was stressing H's cast and not letting him do much of anything physical. She will be a better nurse than I am, mostly because I have really enjoyed watching him play this past week. I find his eagerness to play comforting. Sitting in that hospital, I was so worried that he was going to have to get plates and need surgery, get the idea.

Kisses babies...I miss you all!


  1. Aw... I think it will be good for you to have some rest, but I bed you do miss them terribly. Especially little H. He's going to come home thinking he's an awfully big boy now that he got to do an overnight!

  2. "I guess it also means that I'll be wearing my Cuervo tee shirt in Labor & Delivery."

    You crack me up! (I was wearing my Nine Inch Nails tee the day my girls were born. The nurses were agog.)

  3. I wish I could be that lonely!

    Just kidding - glad you are getting a break.

    I took my 10 year old out to a cafe the other night to finish a school project away from is annoying younger siblings, and it was absolutely awesome to be with just one. Must plan for that more. Especially one that naps.