Sunday, March 8, 2009

Random snippets of life

  • The radio cut out in my truck yesterday, it wasn't long before I realized that it applied to my lights and turning signal as well. Pretty much a total electrical failure...goody!!! For those of you who don't already know, I have massive panic attacks if I try to drive more than a mile in any direction...let us just say that this pretty much didn't help the situation. I leaped out of my truck as soon as we got home pretty much the same way as I would have the snake infested airplane in that movie.
  • I realize that everyone lost an hour last night, but, I lost more like six.
  • I am still reeling from my 11 year old running around my kitchen with my cell phone threatening to call (not sure who exactly) and report me for child abuse because I wouldn't let the kids have soda with dinner and instead served lemonade. I think the best part would have been his audible for blocks shriek of, "it is illegal to withhold food from your kids, I am going to report you!"
  • I bought a seven dollar bottle of *green* bubble bath that doesn't make any bubbles.
  • My cat just threw up a hairball on my tile, the hacking involved in getting the hairball out caused him to wet my floor...which I just scrubbed yesterday with a deck brush to get the grout semi-clean. I hope the cat is okay...and that he runs away and hides so I don't kill him.
  • The baby is awake again...let's not forget that this would have been 4:23 yesterday morning.
  • I just realized that I forgot to bring the water in last night when we got home from Costco. So, it is probably still sitting on my porch where I left it.

If I don't die from having had someone poison my water supply, I will reassess in about 12 hours...maybe things will be looking up.

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