Monday, March 23, 2009

My red carpet moment

An award? For me? Thanks Jen! Jen's blog is amazing because, she is amazing.

The rules, if I am reading them correctly instruct me to share seven things I love, and also tell you about seven blogs I love. I tend to be rather shy, so some of the blog authors may say, "who the hell is she?" That is okay, because they are awesome blog goddesses that must be mentioned.

Seven things that I love include,

  1. White Tigers. I remember sitting for long periods of time with my Mom on the grass at the Washington Zoo waiting for the white tigers to be released from their den. If only my Mom had known then that those afternoons would one day lead to my favorite tattoo...I am sure we would have stayed home.
  2. Cats. Even though mine are fighting at the moment and keep turning my printer on and off, I still love them. Foxy is my Persian and he was given to us by a man who could no longer care for him. I was warned that he wasn't a lap cat and was mostly a loner. Hah! This cat spends long periods of time making sure I inhale tufts of his fur while he purrs on my chest. He is also very handsome. Toby is the love of my life. I have been accused of loving him more than my husband and children. This isn't true, I might love him just as much though. Cats are too special.
  3. Dogs. I really thought that I was more of a cat person until I adopted Molly and Patty. They are my two constant companions. I love them beyond measure.
  4. Sleep. A nap, a decent night's rest, my children's naps, my children sleeping through the night, etc. No matter what form of slumber we are talking about with the exception of the eternal, it is one of my favorite things.
  5. A clean house. My home is a constant battleground. I clean with all my might, my children and pets mess make with all of theirs. As I am terribly outnumbered, they tend to gain more ground as the days and years wear on. A clean house makes my heart sing. Even a clean room makes me happy, especially if I can sit down inside of it, shut the door and pretend the rest of the house matches.
  6. Caffeine. I love this stuff. It is what gets me through the days that inevitably follow the sleepless nights. It can be coffee, an energy drink, or an intravenous infusion...I'm just grateful for it.
  7. The Internet. Specifically the blog world. It allows me to feel connected to the happenings outside my front door without feeling obligated to put on make-up to participate. I consider it practice interaction with others, necessary for the preservation of my social skills so that one day I might be able to have in real life friends again.

Seven blogs that I love and am thrilled to pass on this award to are,

  1. Monica's blog. Monica has five children, a great sense of humor, and lots of compassion. Her comments always make me laugh or give me courage. Her blog posts range from wet your pants funny to serious and introspective. She is quite a lady. A kindred spirit, if you will, I feel it in my bones.
  2. KP over at Ventalicious. Her blog is a more recent find, but she is so real and hilarious to boot. I really enjoy checking in to see what she has going on.
  3. Autismomma's blog. She is doing a magnificent job of rising to the challenges of raising her children. Her son is Autistic, but she isn't letting that define him or her family. She strives to provide the best diet possible for her children...and I really respect that.
  4. Jude over at Just Teeth. She is a warm person who has gone out of her way to make me feel welcome over at her blog. She touches my heart, and from the way she describes her mother, I often wonder if we aren't sisters.
  5. Sammanthia's blog. She is ever so funny and a fabulous mom to her boys. I went through a serious withdrawal when her corner of the world was inundated with ice that took away her power and internet for a couple of weeks.
  6. Suburban Correspondent over at The More, the Messier. She is another *big time* blog success. She is a mother of six whose personality shines through on the pages of her blog. A lady that offers thoughtful comments, and gives me, as a soon to be Mom of six, hope for my continued sanity (such as it is) in the future.
  7. Everyday Superhero's blog. I love reading about what her four boys are up to. She is an amazing Mommy, with terrific kids, a fabulous marriage, and a super sense of humor. It takes one hell of a woman to achieve what she has and continues to do, I have much respect and admiration for her.


  1. Viv, thank you so much for your kind words. My first award! I am honored...

    This whole blogging this is pretty amazing, isn't it?

  2. I'm trying to figure out how reading my blog can make you think you'll retain your sanity after number 6....

    I'm glad you enjoy my posts! It's great to think that my vomit and mice can make other people laugh.

  3. Oh, and unless you've had a problem with spammers, get rid of the word verification. It's a pain in the neck for commenters.

  4. Aaaack - my last word veri was "licestee"! Now my head itches again!

  5. Wow, thank you so much. Pretty sure that's my first award since I had kids. Since there are very little rewards in parenting (in the short term anyway) I am CRAZY honored to receive your kind words. Wow, thanks! I might even make it through my week, thanks to you! =)