Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lemonade is just water and sugar, this is way better

A bloggy friend of mine had an awesome idea a little while back...a regular meme for throwing lemons when you can't make lemonade, or just don't feel like having any. So, today we are throwing lemons at people over here at Proud Mom. I am by no means stealing Miss Stacey's thunder (uh, I hope) but I am suggesting that y'all check her blog out for the future of this fab idea.

The first lemon (right off my Grandmother's tree, using my 7 year old to illustrate size) gets chucked at my step children. For the pain and misery they have brought to our lives as of late.

Then there is another big fat lemon for the person who thought of the Kleenex 'Get Mommed' marketing campaign on Facebook. Isn't it bad enough that Obama gave us mom jeans? Must you really turn the unraveling of our identities outside of our children into a new word, and use it as a gimmick? I can promise you that if my nose is running or I have to sneeze, if the only tissue available to me is Kleenex brand...I'm wiping it on my shirt.

Another lemon is for my son's school. He is soon to be a published author, and the office lost the book order form with my credit card information on it. Go Hawks!

The last lemon is for Victoria's Secret. I loved you, I trusted you! How could you have let me down by not making any of your new bras in anything larger than a D cup? Why??? We had such a good run together, but, now I'm pissed. And, no, I don't want a 'conversion size' because the cup is too small dammit, and I refuse to suffer from both 'muffin top' and 'muffin breast' as a result of my six children.

If I wasn't so fond of Farmville, Id throw one at them too. The server errors I keep getting mean that I am reminded of the movie 'Groundhog Day' every time I click on the bookmark. I've harvested the friggin' blueberries already, and I have 32,248 coins. And 15 minutes from now, I'll get to do it all over again. How about a blue ribbon for patience, huh?

So, how about all of you? Leave a comment and toss your own lemons, so that Stacey will know what a great idea she's got.


  1. Okay, what size did VS use to go up to? I think I finally found a company that fits, but I have to buy online. And they are not pretty like VS, but industrial strength.

    And gotta love Farmville :)

    As for the lemons...I'll get back to you.

  2. A lemon for my dumb dog who tore up the trash AND ate a small web camera.

    A lemon for the swine flu.

    And two big laughs: one for "I'm wiping it on my shirt" and the second for "muffin top and muffin breast " . Fuunnny.

  3. Can I throw a lemon at my kids for mashing strawberries into my favorite coat?

  4. a lemon at hubby who drank TWO bottles of wine by himself while i went to a school fundraising meeting... LEMON.

  5. Mark it on your calendar as a National Holiday....I don't think I have any lemons to throw. I will get back to you as soon as I do.

  6. Omg... so happy that my return to your blog landed me on this one. I can't stop laughing. I saw you racking up the points on Farmville and could see you were obsessed, but the fact that you've let your obsession transfer into your blog world, proves it. Starting next week, I'm going to set up a Mr. Linky (dumb name) and make lemon throwing official. I've got a list ready..

    Oh- and I'll pitch a whole lemon tree at your son's school (besides.. I think I can gift that for free on Farmville).

  7. My lemon is for my ex husband who is always a bigger jerk around the holidays.

    Cute idea, I like!