Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas

My children on Christmas morning

We had a lovely Christmas, and I sincerely hope that all of you did too. Some of us (Hubby, I'm talking about YOU) were very grumpy and irritable, but, the day was a success overall. I actually got a couple of hours of sleep on Christmas Eve, which was a pleasant change from years past. The children did not get get up at oh-damn-dark-thirty, which was also a pleasant change. I suspect this had quite a bit to do with them having found my stash of gifts his year, I suppose it is easier to wait when you already know what you are getting.

I think LB was excited about this one...
We had a pretty conservative Christmas this year. It was nice though, the children were all pretty happy, and there wasn't any palpable disappointment. After presents, it was time to get ready to go to my Grandparents' house for Christmas dinner and round 2 of gift exchanges. I had some cooking to do before we left. I had agreed to bring two sides and a dessert, and while I had grand plans,the final choices were creamy brussels sprouts, sweet potato casserole, and peanut butter chocolate ice cream pie. I only spent a couple of hours in the kitchen.
Jelly Belly on Christmas morning at Nana's house

Christmas dinner was probably wonderful, I wouldn't know, because I didn't really get any. Watching babies means that you're the last to eat, and I had a slice of tenderloin, a scoop of potatoes, and a cup of fruit salad. My husband, who ate before our children said that I really missed out. *Dear, I hope you are reading!*

My father letting the baby chew on his empty bottle that I made him rinse out, because I'm such a "pain in the ass."
My grandmother has a very large family, and thus we were just shy of 30 people. It was crazy, but, crazy in a wonderful way. I hope that one day, my own home will be just like that. Opening gifts took forever and a year, but, the children were so excited that the time flew by.

The Little Lady checking out her present

Hercules taking a moment to look at his present
We went outside to play with my daughter's new frisbee, and of course, I found a dog running loose. This is the fifth dog that I have found in 2009. Is that number normal? Have any of you found several animals running loose over the course of the year? Something that really struck me, is how ridiculous people are about dogs. Seriously, we are going to freak out over a French Bulldog...that plays fetch and licks toddlers with gleeful abandon? Maybe I'm just crazy, but, it is usually apparent to me what type of demeanor an animal has, and while I respect animals, I don't fear them, especially one that weighs under 30 pounds. Anyhoo, the rightful owner was eventually found.

The girls watching the frisbee game (am I the only one bothered by my daughter's dress being around her waist?)

My older children spent Christmas night with our various relatives. My oldest spent the night with my father at his hotel, JB and LB spent the night with my aunt. I was too tired to fuss over them leaving my nest on Christmas. The three babies fell asleep on the way home from my grandmother's house and then they were up well past midnight. Ugh!

The Big Boy

Yesterday, I just felt terrible. Sore, achy, grumpy. I decided to give myself a little Christmas present, and I went to get a massage. Hello! If you all haven't done it! I feel like a million bucks. An hour during which I did nothing but relax. I was skeptical that I would be able to lie still for an hour without dieing of boredom, but, I could have stayed much longer. The massage therapist commented that she had never before seen knots like the ones in my neck...YA THINK!


  1. Your children are beautiful and look so happy in the pictures--I'm glad you had a merry christmas--best wishes from here!

  2. Your oldest has a great smile and your oldest daughter is lovely. And the babies are adorable of course. Glad you had a great Xmas, Viv. You get anything good?

  3. I did not notice the baby's dress around her waist, but laughed when I read that because I ALWAYS notice this on my on kids, and it drives me nuts when my husband holds the girls with dresses on because the dresses are always bunched up and he NEVER notices. I am forever pulling the damn things down.

    Your kids are damn gorgeous.

  4. Such sweet pictures! Your kids are all so beautiful! That massage was a great idea! I haven't even had a pedicure in almost 6 months!