Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

Welcome 'Holiday Crunch Time' it is so nice to see you again. I work well under pressure, provided I don't crack, so this narrow margin until Christmas, should serve as the impetus I need to finish my shopping, decorating, and cleaning.

Today we need to go to the mall. I broke yet another freaking bra, so I have to go squander some funds at Victoria's. I also have to go buy myself a Christmas present from my husband. I have been tasked with this job by the man himself. He said he felt badly that I didn't have anything under the tree last year...and this is how he solves that dilemma. *sigh*

I have considered making a fake gift certificate for a breast augmentation, wrapping it in a box, and giving THAT to me from him at my grandmother's on Christmas. I think it would be fun. Then, I'll get a new tattoo with my Christmas money. Which will annoy my husband greatly, which is the only reason I haven't had another done. Go ahead and tell me how tacky, cheesy, cheap, and gauche (spelled, gosh the first time...crap I'm tired) tattoos are. I assure you, I've heard it all before. I love mine, and have wanted to have more work done for the longest. Will I regret it one day? Probably. There is very little I don't have regrets about, so, if/when the time comes, I feel I'll be well equipped to handle it.

Anywhoo, the house will be a flurry of activity between now and when my husband arrives on Christmas Eve. So glad that he'll be here in time to help. *Please tell me that you all could hear the sarcasm dripping from my words over the Internet?* Today's activities include baking and assembling a gingerbread house, and GFCF gingerbread cookies for H to decorate. I failed at finding a GFCF dough that wouldn't crumble when used as a building material. On the plus side, I ate gingerbread cookie dough for breakfast.

Time to try to find clothes warm enough to take my kids out in, the cold has finally hit Florida!


  1. what's cold for Florida? 60's?

    I think you SHOULD do just as you wish, breasts in a box for x-mas and a new tattoo for you for real.

    I say life is short...do what makes ya happy.


  2. Actually, it has finally hit 50 today. It should be back in the 70's for Christmas though.

  3. Cold in Florida! I loved it when we were down there a couple of years ago in January...splashing in the pool, running around in shorts and the residents of that lovely area (New Symrna Beach) were were hats and jackets!

    hope Hubby brings you some nice warm mitts and shows up in time to lend a hand!

    hugs from your newest follower!