Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good-bye 2009, you were an evil bitch

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that it was happy and safe for all of you. My Proud family celebrated in style. Well, we celebrated at any rate. I fell asleep while putting my 17 month old down, and my husband woke me up at 11:30 so that I wouldn't miss out. My 7 and 9 year old held out until the final 10 minutes, and then, they too crashed.

The adults toasted the new year in with Bitch bubbly, my oldest managed to polish off two bottles of sparkling cider. My husband is stumbling around upstairs, completely shit faced. Which, I find funny as all get out, as he is the one who never overindulges. He had a Jack and coke earlier, and that coupled with a flute of sparkling wine has been his undoing.

Speaking of that Jack, I went into the liquor store today to make this all important, because I still have egg nog left, purchase. There was a new kid at the register, and he asked for my ID, which I had left in the car. I told him that I'd be right back, but, he said, "oh, that's okay, I really didn't look at you before I asked." Dude! I almost responded with, "would your mother be flattered by that?" However, in a moment of unusual insight, I was able to shut my mouth and cut my losses.

Now that hubby is sleeping, I am going to finish the rum cake, and polish off a bit more egg nog. 2009 was a bitch, so, here is to a much improved 2010! *draining the remainder of the Bitch!*


  1. Happy New Year Viv. From me, my wife, the Peanut, The Pman, and your friend Jack.

  2. How was the Bitch? we almost bought a bottle, but chickened out because I wasn't sure what'd taste like. Very curious, though.

  3. Register kid? Yep. Grounds for justifiable homicide. You get points for letting him live.

    Happy New Year!