Saturday, December 19, 2009

And the Holidays are off!

The children with their Aunt S and Uncle P.

My sister and my brother in law came for a visit. They arrived on Thursday and left this morning. It was a very special treat for all of us. They live in the D.C. area, so we don't get to see them very often. This year we were blessed to have been able to see them twice, once over Labor Day and again now, before Christmas. Of course, as they came to visit, I had to make at least the common living areas of my home presentable for company. I won't lie, it was a chore. Which leads me to the reason that we are going to ring in the new year with a cleaning service. I. Give. Up. I can't do it all, and the cleaning is the first thing that I'm going to outsource.

My sis and her hubby spoiled my children mercilessly. Me too, truth be told. They brought all the children toys, and then then hauled out a big box...with a PlayStation3. I'd say that it is fair to declare that they, "saved Christmas this year." This was a year that I had downsized quite a lot. Each of my children are getting 3-4 presents and that is all. Last year was the year for making dreams come true, this year was going to be a small affair. That is, until their loving aunt and uncle came to visit.

My brother in law is the quiet type, but, very kind. He set up the game system, handed out two wrapped games for the children, and then came back in from the car with a bag full of games that he had also brought for them.

Then yesterday, they left to go to Best Buy. They were my hero types and finished my Christmas shopping for me, by picking up the two items that I had yet to buy for the Christmas gift exchange at my grandparents' house. When they returned, they also had an HDMI cable so that the kids would be able to game in HD. Sweet, huh?

We had a small dinner yesterday and incorporated a little birthday party for my now 12 year old son. I gave him G-Force on Blu-ray, so that we could check out the new and better graphics on the PS3. It really was like night and day. I also found a great reason to miss my husband. I am not a grilling queen, to my other half's grilling king. I really wish that he had been here to help with dinner, which was comprised of New York strip, roasted sweet potatoes, corn, and peas. I am veggies, and he is meat, and THAT is how it should stay.

Soon, I shall be deaf, thanks to the yelling in my living room because of the Madagascar competition on the new game system. Good thing my husband is bringing a new television home with him. *Son, if you read this NOT spill the beans, got it?*

That's all folks...and it really wasn't much of anything.

Update: Today the Baby Girl cut her first tooth!!! This is very, very exciting. If she could do something other than shriek, moan, and gnaw at my hands, I'm sure that I could muster as much enthusiasm for this milestone as her siblings have.


  1. Happy Birthday to your son. The Pumpkin Man's first birthday is tomorrow, but we had the party today. Are December birthdays as tough on kids as they seem?

  2. So glad to hear your visit went well...and it's so nice to have family around this time of year...especially there WITH you, as you probably enjoyed the adult company. And sisters really are a blessing. I love mine, even when they are a pain in the butt! which they totally have the tendency to be! :)

    When will your hubby be back btw?