Wednesday, December 30, 2009


My children get quite the musical education in my house. Tonight for example, I've been in a Frank Zappa mood, and Jewish Princess and Catholic Girls are my two favorite Zappa songs. These are NOT songs that you would want your children to sing, but, my children hear them now and again.

Further proof of their musical education and my maternal failures, is my ring tone. My current ringtone was gifted to me, ???????????????. *To the person who sent this really know how to cheer a girl up* I hurry to answer my phone before my ringtone embarrasses me, which worked up until my three year old started belting out the rest of the lines, starting with, "busted for possession of my wizard shaped bong...," at the top of his lungs to complete the verse.

Other lyric hints, so amaze me, and name this song...
"I think they moved out to the suburbs
And now they're blonde, bland, middle-class Republican wives
They all have blonde, bland, middle-class Republican children
Blonde, bland, middle-class Republican lives..."


I constantly worry about drinking too much. I do drink. Often. It has been a part of my life for damn near as long as I can remember. My mother is Italian, as a little girl, my wine was mixed with water or sprite at dinner. When I was (several years) older, my mother often had an icy mug of beer and a slice of pizza to greet me after school.

Americans do NOT drink in the same manner to which I accustomed. I am an American. I worry about this. Not so much in a, "I think I might have a drinking problem," kind of way, but, rather, in a, "I ought keep my daily drink, or two, or three, under wraps," as I doubt most of the people I know would find it socially acceptable.


Today I took the kids to see The Squeakquel (sp?) which I found frigging hysterical. First, I love David Cross, he rocked in Arrested Development, and he is an amazingly gifted comedian. Secondly, that shit was just funny. If you didn't laugh, you've got issues.


Okay, off to watch reruns of The Nanny...


  1. I personally think you're being overly hard on yourself. Look at it as an opportunity to teach your children what might be acceptable to say or do in the privacy of your own home with family vs. out in public or when people come to visit. As far as the alcohol goes. I was married to an alcholic and I can tell you that 2 to 3 drinks a day doesn't mean you are one.

    Some days I have 2 or 3 glasses of wine (I'll drink beer, but not that big of fan), some days I don't have any. I doubt you are getting drunk (if you are well then that is different). My point is that you can spin things on a posistive side. My kids have seen me drink a couple of glasses of wine without over indulging, they learned that you can drink, relax, enjoy without having to over indulge and it's been a good lesson for them to see. Especially seeing their Dad over indulge a lot.

    Overall just try not to be so hard on yourself. You really are not that different than many other Americans. You're just being more open and honest about it.

  2. me too on what Laura said...all of that. BIG differences between loss of control and enjoying a glass or three of wine/beer/what have you... Enjoy! There is a big reason why Italians are everyone's favorites...:) and I'm scared to take my boys to squeakwel ... i think i'll hear chipmunk voices for the rest of my life...

  3. Volvo Driving Soccer Mom by Everclear ??


  4. Miss Heather Lynn, many thanks, that is correct. A year ago, give or take a few months, I downloaded 'Crazy Bitch' to serve as the ringtone for when my mum called. After listening to it, I *didn't* use the ringtone for her, but, for text messages, which I almost never get. A buddy of mine laughed upon hearing my phone ring with a text. My friend suggested that those days were looong gone, and that Everclear's Volvo Driving Soccer Mom would have been a better choice. I love, l-o-v-e Art Alexakis, but, I couldn't remember the song for anything. I looked it up on YouTube and then held a grudge for a time. After losing my umpteenth cell phone this year, I got that ringtone from my buddy. *And THAT, is the rest of the story.*