Sunday, December 20, 2009

Men...WTF are they thinking?

Hubby: Um, I was looking at your pictures on Facebook. There aren't that many of you. Why is that?

Me: Because I'm always behind the camera.

Hubby: Well, um...I was trying to find a picture of you to show the new guy at work. The only one I could find, is of you laying down with your eyes closed.

Me: Huh? Oh, yeah. That was at the indoor playground, BB took a picture of me panting at the top of the slides. He was so proud of me, that was why I put it on there.

Hubby: Um, well, Mike...the new guy at work, pointed something out.

Me: What?

Hubby: Have you, um, had something done?

Me: What do you mean done?

Hubby: I think that you're bigger than you used to be.

Me: [said with as much pissy-ness as possible] Okay...he said I was fat. Why are you sharing? Did you think this would make me feel good?

Hubby: No, not fat. [uncomfortable mumbling] Your, um, chest. Your chest is kind of big. I don't, um, remember you being big there.

Me: Some guy you work with asked you about my tits? WTF? Why are you sharing again?

Hubby: Well, he did. I'm calling though, because I just wanted to know if you had, you know...something done?

Me: [gales of hysterical laughter] You think that alone, with six kids, without time to have my hair cut, my nails done, or even to think that I found a way to have breast augmentation surgery? [laughing still]

Hubby: [long pause] So, is that a no?


So, tell me, my one and only male it normal for a man (men) to comment on the attributes of their wives, or lack there of? There is a bloggy pal of mine out there pondering a similar question too.


  1. Hello? Male reader? We're waiting . . .

  2. I will admit that the boobs stand out in the picture enough that I immediately thought, "Ah! A kindred spirit!" So I don't blame the coworker for wondering - I just blame him for being boorish enough to open his big fat mouth. And I blame your husband for calling you with the guy's question rather than saying, "Stop ogling my wife's breasts!"

    Stop being coy, Homemaker Man - you know she was talking to you!

  3. Ok. No man has ever said anything to me about my wife other than a polite, "she's lovely" or something like that. Maybe I give off a vibe that says I wouldn't be cool with it. And I myself have never said anything like that to a friend about his wife. I have seen other men say things like that, but usually they are met with something like, "easy man. That's my wife." When I was younger, girlfriends were a different situation. But not usually wives. Although I did know a guy who used to tell people, "everyone wants to pop my wife. It's true. Wait til you meet her . . ." So there you go. That probably didn't help much.

  4. Oh my. Too funny. Is he always that clueless? I lol-ed, I really did.

  5. I have to go with the fact that it's a great bra, an ill-mannered co-worker, and a husband without a clue on a lot of counts.

  6. ummm...I'm not a guy, but I have big boobs and people are CONSTANTLY commenting on them. Guys, my sisters, my cousin's doesn't matter who...

    and guys do comment to their buddies about the girlfriends/wives's normal for guys to talk about the women of their friends....i'm not entirely sure WHY they do this....but they do. And it's a huge compliment to them if their guy friends say they want to take care of their ladies for them. If my friend told me they wanted to shag my bf (if i had one) i'd be like....ummmmmmmm....NOOOOOOO!

    guys are their own creatures.

    i can't believe your hubby asked you if you had work done! lol

    i thought my ex husband not noticing i moved the couch was odd...but not noticing your wife had her boobs done would be quite the miss! lol


  7. Oh my gosh you (and your Hubs) funny funny!!

  8. That is funny that he would wonder that---I guess take it as a compliment, since nothing was done to augment, and they thought something had been done!