Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend fun and the pictures that haunt me of holidays past and present

Last year's impromptu Christmas picture with Santa came out okay, but, for the 'real' Christmas pictures, Hercules managed to get a shiner a couple of days before, and then, fall and cut his eye in the waiting room of the picture studio. Then, at Easter, his arm was in a cast. This year, H hit my oldest daughter in the face before pictures, as you can see...

These were all at Whole Foods, everyone but H (3) and TLL (1) loved the Santa there. At least the baby was awake to see Santa this past weekend...


My aunt took my seven year old and my nine year old Friday night, I had Santa plans on Saturday, but, she sweetened the pot when she asked if they could go, by agreeing to meet Santa and taking my three year old home with her from there. So, I said, "oh my goodness, yes, please, of course!"

Yesterday she called me flustered at noon. I told her that I just put the babies down for a nap and that I would pick the kids up as soon as the babies woke up. She calmed down and agreed. At three, my baby girl was still sleeping, my aunt called back sounding even worse. I agreed to leave immediately, but, before I could get both babies into car seats, she called back, "we'll bring the kids to you," was all she said.

So, they were here in record time. Turns out that my aunt, my uncle, and their daughter-in-law, took them to Chuck E. Cheese, and then to eat in a restaurant. I nearly fell out laughing. We *never* take Hercules to a restaurant. Why, I wondered, would one ever try? Three adults and two older children to help run interference, and he still kicked their asses! Bwahahahahaha! I am terribly certain that my aunt won't be offering me any more respite any time soon.

As far as the rest of the weekend went, we missed breakfast on Saturday because my oldest was adamant that he wanted to sleep in, so I let him. When he woke up and saw the time, he hated me for it. I was, "the worst mother in the whole wide world." because I listened to him. We did make the visit with Santa, which was worth it because the mall Santa was really not very jolly and the Santa at Whole Foods was awesome. The best part though was the snow machine they had in front of the store, my kids loved it, for five of them, this was the only 'snow' they had ever seen.


  1. Santa and the Easter bunny both look like "what the F happened?" That'll teach your aunt. The arrogance . . .
    Your family is beautiful. I love those pictures with the snow machin

  2. Yikes - Chucky Cheese is enough to make me want to run.

  3. Don't you just looooove how before picture time, someone always falls down the stairs, or gets hit by a car door or plants their face in the coffee table?!

    I swear, it NEVER FAILS! lol


  4. My husband gets mad at me all the time for listening to him. Go figure.

  5. Love, love the pics. We actually have a black eye pic story, too. I figure you aren't a real parent until you worry that someone is going to call DYS. =)

  6. Great pics. Of course, the cute kids help immensely with that.