Friday, December 11, 2009

Whine, wine, and football

The babies are all asleep and now we're on my time here at 'My Husband Is Chilling At His Community Hot Tub Right Now Casa' and I'm listening to Syleena Johnson on my son's new computer speakers. I got them for him for his birthday, and they are SWEET! Four speakers and a subwoofer, and this shit sounds sweeter than my first stereo. Love it!!!! *Mommy was thinking only of you when she bought them Baby!*

I am also drinking wine. Copious amounts by the time I head off to bed, because tomorrow I am taking the kids to breakfast (outdoors, where my native Floridian children will bitch and moan about the cold...pussies) and then to another 'Santa' photo op. As a Catholic, I need to feel like I am making penance for my sins when we do awesome stuff like I have planned, and what better way to feel punished than to embark upon such a day with a hangover?

The wine itself is penance. What I expected for $4.19 a bottle, I know not. What I can tell you is that I would (almost) NEVER pay retail for this crap. I am so gifting a bottle of this to our landlord this Christmas , even if I have to pay retail for it.

I am pretty sure that I have screwed up my kiddos. Upon hearing Charlie Daniels, they scoff at the cheap knock off of David Alan Coe's "The Devil Went Down To Jamaica."

Did anyone else see the Steelers and Browns? OMG, my outlook on life has completely turned around after last night! As a Dallas fan, I finally feel vindicated after last season's match-up. The grudge will wear on longer than the ecstasy over Big Ben losing more yards than he gained last night, I am sure...


  1. Well that was hilarious. I can't believe your kids know that song and I can't fathom the hangover from a 4 dollar bottle of wine. Not that I haven't had one of those, I just can't fathom it.

  2. Wine & football are two of my most favorite things ;-)

  3. Don't you listen to HM; he totally lies. I've been there when he's been hung over from much, much worse -- and I remember. The night before we went to one of the last great Lollapaloozas (1994), HM got so drunk that he was still drunk when he woke up and remained in that state for the 3 hour car ride to the show. Upon reaching the venue, he chased the hangover away with whatever he could find in the audience.

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...