Sunday, December 20, 2009

Where I babble without any point at all

I am exhausted today, and it is all my fault. I stayed up last night to watch Dallas play the Saints. I really hadn't planned to watch the whole game, but the touchdown Austin scored on our first possession hooked me. I must say, Dallas dominated the first half of the football game. Then in the second half, we did what Dallas is prone to...pissing away a large point margin, like we did last season when we played the Steelers. However, we sacked Brees for the fourth time (? my count) with 12 seconds left on the clock and clinched the game, 24-17. Go Cowboys! Let's stay in the Super Bowl hunt, and let's also find a new kicker. *End of excited football babble....I'm so happy!*

I was pumped after the game and couldn't sleep, I tend to take these things very personally. So, I watched a couple of hours of The Nanny reruns on Nick. I do declare, that was one of the best sitcoms ever, and my personal favorite. I loved Charles Shaugnessy on Days of Our Lives, and I loved him even more as Maxwell Sheffield. What? None of you remember Charles Shaugnessy on Days of Our Lives? I was the only child ordered to watch daytime television and then report the happenings of John and Marlena to her mother after her nap? *sigh* I had suspected that this might be true.

It was a most enjoyable night for me. Until I went to bed. I shared my queen size bed last night with five of my children, one dog, and one cat. The way my back feels now, I suspect I might be in traction by mid afternoon. I hope not though, because I need to go to the store. I am out of winter rations. My cupboards are bare of egg nog, Jack, cider, and beer that doesn't suck...and there are a few teams playing today that I'll be rooting against, so I'll need (want) a few of my favorite things.


  1. I remember Charles Shaugnessy from Days. Used to watch it way back when I was in Jr High. I think he played Shane Donovan (sp?) right?

  2. Laura, you are 100% correct. You nailed John Mellancamp and Shane are quite a lady!

  3. um, yes, first order of business, DALLAS DOES need a new kicker, that guy just plain sucks! couldn't agree with you more!

    My cabinets too are void of food....I've put off food shopping and bought x-mas presents instead with my grocery's kinda a great holiday weight gain counter tactic really. I give good gifts and get skinny in between holiday works out alright. oh, and if you drink lots of water, your stomach won't growl as much. just a little tip from me to you! ;)

    Merry Early Christmas!