Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Need Hazmat gear

Today was NOT a potty training success. My son has peed in a box of Christmas ornaments. Then he peed in a bag of clean pull ups. The icing on the cake, must have been pooping on my bed, and then wiping his butt on my bedroom window. I am so sick of cleaning up the bodily fluids of others, I can't even begin to tell you.

Each and every time I leave my son to attend to my other children, he wreaks havoc on my house. Unfortunately, the alternative is to let my babies starve or sit in dirty diapers...and so he knows he has me. All he has to do is wait, with that opportunistic gleam in his eye, and wait he does.

I do realize that I have said this before, and often, but, I am seriously tired. I am at the, "I would suck your dick for a nap*," point of exhaustion, and it feels really crappy. Every time I muster enough energy to get in gear, another disaster follows. I. Am. So. Tired. I pitched the idea to my husband that while he is here for Christmas, I might sneak away for a night....hahahahaha....that earned me a, "if you're planning on leaving me alone with six kids, I won't even come home for Christmas!" Which makes me pretty damn annoyed with him.

So, I guess I'll brew my 12th cup of coffee today, and keep on trucking.

*I can take no credit for the brilliance of this line. Those of you who haven't already read this post ought to. You will laugh, loudly.


  1. See, the trick is don't tell him. Wait till he gets home and then tell him you have to go grab some milk. Might be best if some kids are sleeping so he doesn't realize you're leaving by yourself. Then once you're far enough away give him a call and break the news. See ya sometimes tomorrow sucker...maybe.

  2. Time to break out the benadryl Viv. You are a super hero.