Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kids are the coolest

Before you say what you're thinking, I know, posting multiple times in a day is lame. I know, and I'm sorry, because I think this post ought to be shared. First, it puts in perspective my usual grump (and many of yours) about having to share our beds with lots of little people with flailing limbs. Just today, I woke up so sore that I took Advil before I made coffee, unprecedented, I know. The post also reminded me to count my blessings, of which I have many, many, as opposed to concentrating on my problems, of which, there are admittedly more than usual just now. The story told by this very lucky mommy encompasses the true spirit of the holidays and of giving, and I thought that it was beautiful. I hope that you guys will too, and that you'll leave a comment on her blog, because those are some very special children she has, and they should know how much the adults admire their sense of giving this holiday season.

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  1. Hey Viv. I commented. but mostly I just talked about how lame you were for multiple postings in one day :)