Friday, January 1, 2010

What does optimism feel like again?

Why do stores close early on New Year's Day? Would it not make more sense for them, if they are going to open at all, to open late, and close at their regular time? I continue to wonder about this one today.

My husband has been as docile as a little lamb all day. I suspect that it might have something to do with a hangover. He admits nothing, but, can be observed grabbing his head and closing his eyes when he shakes his head, ostensibly to stop the spinning. A good wife would stop trying to provoke him by sudden deafness, waiting for him to give in to the urge to nod his head yes or no. I am NOT a good wife.

My children are acting like caged animals, because our plans for New Year's brunch at the zoo were spoiled by rain. We are essentially stuck inside and they have resorted to driving one another crazy for sport.

I found a new jam today. How does a peanut butter and jelly sandwich sound to you, with chocolate peanut butter and banana, pineapple, rum jam? I think that it was quite tasty. I sure wish that I had noticed that this stuff was $11 a jar before I paid for it though.

Well, 2010 doesn't feel any different, with the exception of a tiny, burgeoning, feeling of optimism that THIS will finally be the year that we can look back and say, "now 2010, that was a very good year."


  1. just think, most 'tiny, burgeoning' things get bigger. much bigger. :)
    happy new year to you too...

  2. 2010 has to get better. We broke 2 computers in the last week of 09, if '10 continued at that rate I'd need to get serious overtime.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I love that you're not a good wife, lol. My hubby worked yesterday, for the first time in 11mo, refinishing a floor. He is so sore today and I just laugh every time he groans from the pain. Oh and I said, "but doesn't it feel good to put in a days work?" (being very unsarcastic) and I think he gets to do it again next week. Yea.

    And I wonder the same thing about stores that are open on Christmas. Arn't most people home doing the family thing Christmas Morning?

  4. you big ole meanie Viv! torturing your poor husband like that! *laughs*...naturally I'm joking..he's your husband...torture at will. I won't stop ya!

    YIKES!!! $11 jam! it better of be effin delicious!

    Never count out the fact that this year really COULD be your year to say that...I mean, in my experience, negativity breeds negativity...and it spreads like why feed the flames...right?

    sometimes you just have to say it/pretend it, until you feel it.

    Happy new Year!

  5. Mr. Lanphear,

    Thank you for your kind comment, yet, I don't understand the article to which you refer. Perhaps, something was lost in the translation?