Friday, January 29, 2010

Me and my temper, temper

Tonight after dinner, I took my 7 year old on a walk to the gas station up the street to buy candy. Not only is candy usually forbidden, but this stuff was the non organic variety...ooooohhh. I did decide though, that we would walk, burn off a couple of calories before we ate any.

The walk there, about 10 minutes and mostly uneventful, on the walk home however, I lost my temper. Not with my son, but, rather some daft bimbo who couldn't understand why the car in front of her wasn't making a right she jumped the curb and nearly ran us over. As she was screaming expletives at me, I lost it. I shocked my son by responding, "it's a fucking crosswalk, and you're supposed to yield." Frankly I was kinda proud I kept it to a minimum...sorta, because the blood was roaring in my ears and I was reminded of another time that I was that upset and angry.

Several years ago, I was at a bar with a few of my co-workers. I ended up sitting across the bar from a rather obviously shit faced guy and his slightly more sober buddy. He sent me a couple of drinks. I sent the bartender over with instructions to reciprocate, thank, and not allow any more to be sent. Obviously, Dude confused my polite 'buzz off' with playing hard to get. He walked around the bar and sat down next to me. I got up and moved. Twice. He followed.

Finally, he made a grab for me, and I swatted him away. Being seriously drunk, and leaning back, so that his stool was on two legs, put him at a serious disadvantage, and my little push was all he needed to go down. He smacked his face on the foot rest around the bar and broke his nose. He got up swinging. I ducked and he crashed into the bar, hard enough that it looked like his jaw was broken.

Various and sundry people responded to the call, and he was somewhat patched up. He maintained that I had hit him, which I did...sorta. Finally it came down to one question, "do you want to press charges," they asked him.

"No, what are you fucking kidding me? My wife'll fucking kill me."

I am pretty sure that was the last time I was even close to being as angry as I was with that woman tonight.


  1. That's a great story! Nothing that *exciting* has ever happened to me. :(

  2. You made him beat the crap out of himself.

  3. There seems to be alot more road rage around lately - more impatience and less tolerance.

  4. Wow, how many women can say they've been in a bar fight...with a man? Goodness, you certainly can hold your own, girl!

  5. dude. i LOVE this story. we should be friends... :)