Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blasts from the past

Over at Mommy Wants Vodka, she is doing something quite fun. She posted what she believes to be some embarrassing pictures of her growing up. She challenged her readers to do the same. So, I went through some of my old photo albums to see if I embarrass me and, sure enough I do.

Let the fun begin...

Black leggings and red push, I know you are saying to yourselves, "but, Viv, it was Halloween, you're off the hook." Alas, the only components of that costume were the cape, horns, and pitchfork. For those of you with eagle eyes, you might have noticed the 'pocket rocker' on the end table...dates me just as much as those darn socks.

Halloween a few years later. Now, in my mind I was a sexy, young, French reality, I looked more like Cousin It with those bangs.

Those are me with my American cousins. I am the oldest. Can you not see that lovely swim suit on an 80 year old woman? What was wrong with me?

Further proof that I should never wear a swimsuit. That was me, swimming instead of playing tennis for my lousy half credit of gym that I pulled in my HS career. Huge neon flowers over my abdomen, really young Viv, really? I think that the button fly Calvin Klein jeans complete the ensemble well, no?

Finally, I bring you this. Me, dressed for that same half credit of tennis...WITH MY SHIRT TUCKED INTO MY ELASTIC WAIST SHORTS...and two boys I don't all.


So, how many of you guys out there are game to do the same? Leave me the link so I can come visit and admire the skeletons in your closets!


  1. If only my scanner was working...and the cords hadn't gotten sent to storage...I could embarrass myself at least as badly, and maybe worse!

  2. oh, hell naw! you're serious aren't you?!

    Ok, well only cuz i love you, I'll CONSIDER it!

    don't get excited, i said "consider"!!!!


  3. Don't look in this direction; we don't own a scanner =)

  4. Those were not that bad at all, and I want those red socks now. How far back does this have to go?

  5. I would do this but i have neither the talent nor the motivation to make paper plate faces for an entire me retrospective.

  6. I love the little cassette playing devil!

  7. I've been trying to find my senior photos cause I'm pretty smoking hot in one of them.......And well, I'd like to do a hot photo sooo.......I just can't find the photos. Grrr

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I'll try to find something this weekend :) I know there has to be one of me with poodle hair. Seriously.

  9. I've posted some over on my FB account. I'm still trying to catch up reading blogs. Yet, I will try to find some scary photos and have some fun posting them on my blog.