Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The big baby sitting dilemma

Recently, I've been doing some poking around to try and find out about the babysitting rules and regulations in our area, because I think my son is ready. My son is far more trustworthy than most of the adult sitters we've tried. He won't allow dietary infractions for Hercules. He and my youngest two are bonded thicker than thieves. He knows where everything is. He can handle just about any situation like a pro...or at least, just like I would. He has his red cross certification. He is dependable and responsible. I, uh, won'tleavemyhusbandhomealonewiththekidsunlessmy oldestsonisheretoo...there, I said it.

So what are the rules? There are none. Our state doesn't specify an age. I'm chewing this one over, making my little pro/con list. So far, the only thing in the 'con' column is that he sure seems kinda young. Looking back, I worked as a mother's helper the summer I turned 10. The following year I started babysitting in earnest.

If I ask myself (WWMDD) what Mama Duggar would do, I can totally justify this. The jury is still out on my decision though.


  1. I can only say that I could never, at least not at this point, leave my oldest in charge. He has so much contempt for the 5-year old, that I would worry for her safety.

    But man -- won't it be great when we CAN??? Let us know what you decide!

  2. He's twelve? I started babysitting at thirteen, I think. Other people's kids. have you tried the 1/2 hr practice time. Like you go off somewhere nearby and leave him in charge and sneak peeks through the windows and stuff?

  3. I was babysitting an oral surgeon's three sons at the age of 12...for cash-money, no less.

    Get sneaky and install a nanny-cam and then "run to the grocery store" for an hour. At the very least, you'll know what they're up to when you're not looking!

  4. yeah, i think i'd try going out for coffee with a cellphone so you can zip back. has he been left by himself, just alone, before? my kids are too young, i don't even know what to ask...

  5. If you trust him that much, I'd say go for it. He knows that he can call you if he ever needs to, and he's had tons of experience.

    I wish he lived closer. I'd hire him.

  6. Hey if your not going to use his services, maybe we can fly him here for a week!