Sunday, January 3, 2010

Do NOT bullshit a bullshiter

Whenever I have any automotive work done for my husband, I am certain that they say, "look at that bitch, she dares to walk through our doors like she isn't going to get hosed, well lady, you are wrong!" I am flipping doomed. The last time I took his truck to get the tires changed, they swore three times over that the key we gave them to the spare wasn't the correct key. He swore up and down and forwards and sideways that it must be a gold key, never a silver key. Imagine the surprise when I had to drive up there and demonstrate how to properly use a key.

Today, I requested that they switch out the brand new full size spare tire with one on the vehicle that is losing air. My husband has two full size spares. First they called telling me that they needed a key for a special lug nut on the tire to ensure that the rims aren't stolen. Bullshit! I suggested that perhaps they were trying to change out the wrong rim.

Bingo! Score one for the bitch. Then they called to tell me that they don't have the equipment to lower my husband's spare tire. Huh???!!! A tire place doesn't have the equipment to lower a spare. Do you mean to tell me that every tire they change, they unearth the 'flat kit' from the vehicle? My bullshit meter is going off again.

I hate the way that automotive places screw with my head. For example, "your power steering fluid needs to be flushed," on a BRAND SPANKING NEW PUMP! I had literally gone from the mechanic shop that replaced the pump to the oil change place. Really Dudes, really? Spare me the bullshit, please folks?

I am a firm believer in making...hell, even maxing one's quota. Please though, do it with integrity. And, don't single out women because we must be too stupid to know you're doing it. I am exactly one phone call away from picking up the truck and taking it somewhere that they won't bullshit me. Then I will spend my first day of leisure *snort* with the kids back in school, on the phone with your corporate office. Changing my oil for free, the next few months, should give us time to get to know one another and drop the crap, huh?

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