Sunday, January 10, 2010

My boys have that 'Super Bowl' mojo this year

Yesterday, Dallas took on the Eagles again for an amazing win. I will admit that I thought beating Philly was extra sweet. Philly has fallen out of my favor, it happened right about the time I saw 'Vick' on the back of one of their jerseys. Michael Vick, is in my opinion bad juju, which has rubbed off on his team it appears. It made Dallas' first playoff win in...13 years, I think, all the sweeter.

This weekend hasn't really even felt like the weekend. My seven year old has been home from school most of this week with a misery inducing head cold, which he in turn gave to his older brother, who really didn't need to miss any more school, but, what can you do? Now, the babies have it. Ugh! I hate germs. My daughter has escaped from most of the fun by spending the weekend at her best friend's house. She is supposed to be home in five minutes, but, I'm taking her expected arrival with a grain of salt.

It is still below freezing here in the sunshine state, and while I love, LOVE, love children do not. They are whining and crying, and pushing the thermostat up to 78 every time I go upstairs. My dogs hate it even more. To avoid having to go outside, they will pee on your foot as you stand at the door with their leash, like, "Oops, did I do that? Guess you don't have to walk me now!" It is starting to annoy me. When I do drag them out, the cats steal their beds while they're gone. "How do you like us now? Our litter box is heated, yo! Yours isn't....heeeheeeheee, and now we've got your beds, what are you going to do about it?" The answer to that, is to cry at the the foot of them, until Mommy comes and throws the mean cats out on the cold tile. They are just like children, except they can be left alone for days at a time, don't talk, and don't need their butts wiped. Is it any small wonder that they are often the winners of the popularity contest around here?

I guess I need to start the washer, my children have a limited number of sweaters, roughly three each, and, it might be awhile before anyone sees them in anything else, at least they'll be wearing the same, clean clothes as yesterday though.


  1. oh boy. we have an entire chest full of sweaters. all wool, all the time around here. we just schellacked the windows with plastic yesterday to keep from HAVING to wear our hats indoors... hm. want to ttrade?

  2. hey Viv saw that you like Janet love love her!