Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When being wrong is PC

I was looking over my son's final work on his science fair project, when I noticed an error. "Son, the singular form of potato does not have an e, the e is only used in potatoes."

"What," he demanded, "I have to start all over?"

Mentally calculating the work involved in getting him to do the project the first time, I decided, "no, it was once almost politically correct to spell potato, potatoe, you'll be fine, your teacher will just knock off a few points for spelling."

My son looked at me, completely confused, "huh?"

"The former Vice President of the United States of America spelled potato, potatoe, while at a school spelling bee, I informed him. "It used to be vogue. The most conservative Conservatives at the time I thought were going to lobby Webster's to formally change the spelling."

My son looked at me skeptically, "what VP was that, Al Gore?"

I shook my head, "nope, it was Dan Quayle."

My son wanted to know, "who was that?"

"Oh, he was George Bush, the father's running mate," I replied.

"Wow! You are old," my son exclaimed, impressed.


  1. WOW you're old! *laughs*

    Well if you're old, I'm old with ya!

    we better be careful laughing...our old brittle bones are likely to snap! ;)

    don't even say Reagan!

    You'll be antique.


  2. I tried to post something witty about this, but I really have nothing to say. I guess I'll just sit here in my depends and watch Matlock

  3. Geez, it's GB Sr. for crying out loud, not G. Washington.

  4. I once offered to cut off my leg so the rings could be counted...

    Per usual with my jokes, there was no laughter. I was met with blank stares and the sound of chirping crickets.