Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Three reasons why I shouldn't be allowed to think

Those of you who play FarmVille, on FaceBook, did you notice the big BBQ grill you can now buy in honor of the culmination of the football season? Does it not feel strange to put that grill next to your dairy farm? I did it anyway.

Last night, I broke down and asked my kids if they had any candy stashed away. My son said that he had just eaten the last forbidden Milky Way, but, he asked if I wanted him to go to the store before heading to the bus stop today to get me one. I said no, and that he was absolutely not allowed to cross our street. He claimed our street isn't very busy. I reminded him the high school kids around here, drive like bats out of hell. "There aren't any high school kids on our street," he said, "you're the only one who looks like they could be a high school kid around here." Send me some positive vibes people, because now that I have a child that realizes careful flattery of the people who matter, makes all the difference...I'm in trouble.* what movie am I referencing here ???

I have corrupted my sister. She sent me an email today asking me to feed her fish in FishVille on FB this afternoon, because she would be at work. It was just what I needed this morning, to start my day with a smile. Those games are like crack people...LIKE CRACK!


  1. I actually quit farmville because it just got annoying. I can't bring myself to bother with real plants, so I don't know what made me think I'd care about fake ones. Stupid dead crops trying to make me feel all guilty and sh@t.

    There's a rule in our house. You only get to eat if you can remind us that you exist. Cats and dogs do fine. Plants and fish... not so much.

  2. i cut myself down off farmville when i bought myself a storage shack so i could 'save' all my decorations for next year. hollah. virtual clutter.
    i sold the shack. look at me with MY 'clean lines'... heh.

  3. I'll admit it if you don't hate me for it. I hate those games. I mean I really don't get the appeal. A friend of mine bugged me to death to try it a few months back. I played. I just didn't get it. I just kept thinking really? This is what all the fuss is about? Really?

  4. Which is exactly why I don't play them! lol

    my cousin Kami is absolutely addicted to that stuff....maffia wars, farmville yoville, fishfarm er whatever! the only game i ever remember being addicted to was Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo. Wait i take that back, pit fall on atari, pac-man at the arcade...and tetris on my very first computer.

    I'm a very monogomas gamer i guess. one game, per system is all i am capable of I guess.

    and as for your little man, oh, he's smoooooth that one! I like him!


  5. LOL If that kid was mine he would have gotten ANYTHING he wanted:)

  6. Tumbleweed, there was a time (when I had 2 children) that I could keep a plant has passed.

    WME, now I'm going to have to feel guilty about my two barns and shed to store all my holiday decorations.

    Laura, I felt that way at first, and the my competive side kicked in people were leveling up faster than I was...and I just couldn't let that happen. ;)

    HL, we've already talked about this...lots of Mario love here

    Monica, that would be 'Harry Potter' where Slughorn is talking to Tom Riddle in his memory.

    MM, he can be hard to resist :)