Friday, January 8, 2010

For me? You shouldn't have...

I am the proud recipient of an award, with thanks to Homemaker Man at Musings from the Big Pink. If you haven't read his blog, you really should. I have a feeling about this guy, I think that he could be one of the big bloggers. I think that there will come a day when I'll have to wait in line, to get him to sign my copy of his book, actually, it might just be their book. His wife, TumbleWeed, is an English teacher, and another really gifted writer. They make one heck of a team. I am not just flattered that he gave this award to me, but, also incredibly grateful, because I have been so stuck for things to write about, and, this makes today's post easy.

Ten things that I am grateful for:
  1. The internet. It takes much of the loneliness out of being a SAHM. Through the internet, I have found and made several good friends that I can no longer imagine life without. Thanks you guys, there are times when my life is an open book on my blog, and others when things are happening that I don't share, either way, you my friends, help to pull me through.
  2. My husband. He loves me despite all the flaws in my character, and he makes me want to be a better person.
  3. My children, who give my life a wealth of purpose and meaning.
  4. My dogs, but, especially Molly, she is the most devoted companion that I have ever had. Most people don't spoon with their dogs, but, it is awfully cold here as of late, and I appreciate the warmth of her body next to me.
  5. My cats, especially my Toby. He is the first true love of my life. For those of you who rolled your eyes, you can suck it, the only reason my blood pressure hasn't given me a stroke, is because Tobe has a sensor, and when I'm really upset, he assumes his position on the back of my shoulders, combing my hair with his claws and purring. Kitty love is some of the best love anyone can get.
  6. Coffee, without caffeine I would die.
  7. Photographs, sometimes life is a lot of work. Think of Christmas. I love to be able to go back and really stop and look at my children's faces, see their happiness, and know without a doubt that it is worth it.
  8. Stimulating conversation. I had a revelation yesterday. I do not on a regular basis do enough to stimulate my brain. Though I am constantly overstimulated, it isn't enough, I need to be able to workout my mind too.
  9. Differences. I worry a lot about them. The people who read my blog are from different walks of life, different faiths, different political affiliation, different countries. I spend more time than I should worrying about offending people. I need to chill. Differences are what keeps life interesting. I appreciate them in others, so...duh!...others probably appreciate them in me.
  10. This one is trivial and all about me, I love FaceBook. Seriously. I love the games, I love being able to reconnect with people that I would otherwise never have found again. I love being able to see pictures of my friends and their families, because otherwise, I would *never* get a current picture of my niece and nephew. It rocks.

Okay, now to pass on a little bit of bloggy love. H.M. named four bloggers, and I think that is a perfectly reasonable number, so, here goes...

  1. Jen at Diagnosis: Urine. Jen is the reason I stopped lurking and opened a Google acct. She is also the reason I started blogging. She rocks and I will be forever grateful to her.
  2. Monica at And I'll Raise You 5. Monica has five children, she is a talented writer, and an amazing Mommy. I love her.
  3. Sari at Smurfet and Company. I found her through my StatCounter. I was on her sidebar, and I didn't even know it!!! I'm glad I found her.
  4. Hillori at A Healthy Diet of Greens. She has five children, and her five have some of the biggest hearts around.
So, that's all folks. Those of you who received an award, even if you don't want to pass on the love, do share with us ten things you are grateful for. It is always nice to be reminded of why we're lucky!


  1. Thanks so much Viv! You are prompting me to be...grateful. Hmmm, I spend so much time bitching, this might be a stretch. But then, exercise is good, so clearly, this is something I need. :)

  2. rockit...congratulations! and yes, you did almost beat my clock! :)

  3. My gratitude list looks eerily similar... only the names have been changed...

  4. Congrats on the award and thank you for dropping by my blog today! 6 kids! Good on you! That was my dream before I had our Son now Husband will only allow one more. boo! mind if I live vicariously through you? ;)

    looking forward to getting to know you and your blog more.

  5. Congrats to you!! Can I just say I also heart coffee...oh and my hubby:)

  6. Viv, you are so nice to me! I needed a grateful post too! It's past 1 a.m. and the two year old has been asleep since 4:30 this afternoon, I know she is destined to wake up any hour now, so I will have to post either tomorrow (I guess technically, today) or Sunday, but that is a great idea for a post.

    We thought that we were done with 4 kids, but with a "happy accident", we now have our fifth and caboose, and I wouldn't trade her for anything! Of course, she's not a toddler yet!

    It's funny how our lives are so different yet similar...and reading your blog makes me want to be better at posting on my blog... so... I am grateful for YOU!

  7. Oh, Viv! We adore you and are so happy to have met you. Your thoughts and writings are daily conversation in our home. Thanks for your kind words and for your friendship.