Thursday, January 7, 2010

My nose doesn't know much

This morning when I went downstairs, I was greeted by an obscene scent. I was sure that one of my children had emptied a can of Lysol. "Sheez, take it easy guys. You sprayed way too much Lysol, it stinks down here."

My oldest son glared at me, "Mom, we've been out of Lysol for a month (I don't usually buy stuff like that, but when my daughter had the flu, I had gotten a pack at Costco) and you never bought more."

He stormed up the stairs, giving me the evil eye the whole way. "What was wrong with him?" I asked my daughter.

My daughter, trying, quite unsuccessfully to stop giggling, answered, "you hurt his feelings Mom. You were smelling his cologne."




My 7 year old punches my arm and calls out, "punch buggy white, no punch back!"

"No," I replied. "First, that is silver, not white. Second, THAT is a Porsche."

"Okay, punch buggy silver Porsche, no punch back!"

Perhaps I should have told the kid what a Porsche was, huh?


  1. OMG! NO! Tell me you're joking! poor guy! his little ego's bruised.

    it's better to know now though, i mean, if your mom thinks ya stink...what are the ladies going to do...REPELL...that's what!

    he'll thank you one day! I hope.


  2. D'OH. At least he smells disinfected?

  3. Aww...the sweet smells of middle school, they bring back such memories.