Monday, November 30, 2009


I lose my keys all the time. It's pathetic really. Every time we leave the house there is a massive search for my missing keys before we can actually go anywhere. This morning was no exception. My son couldn't find his gym shoes, so he ended up missing the bus and needing a ride. So, when it came time to leave, we looked everywhere. Emptied the toy boxes, checked all my pant pockets, looked in the cupboards, sifted the litter box, and so on.

Finally, it came to me. I had tucked the keys in my bra last night before bed when I took them away from my daughter. This is not the first time, no, this is the second time I have lost my keys in my bra. The first time my kids were late to school. I had to walk them in to get a tardy slip. When the woman working in the office asked the reason for our tardy, my oldest refused to be deterred, although I was stepping on his toes and clearing my throat like a mad woman, my son offered up the truth. With a dirty look in my direction he said, "we are late today because our mother put her keys, in her bra, and forgot they were there." She just scribbled 'unexcused' on the paper, and I went on my merry way with a very red face. It doesn't appear that I've learned much from that experience, does it?

The person who comes up with some kind of lojack chip that can be placed in a key fob and then tracked online, will make a fortune.

And for the people assuming that Imust just have put my keys down on my bra, while it was sitting on my dresser, you are wrong. I was wearing it...both times, and no, I wasn't even the slightest bit uncomfortable.


  1. I am telling you viv, a surgery where we could replace our fingers with keys would be wildly popular. Go in on the patenting costs with me and in no time we'll be rich. We'll probably make like a hundred dollars at least.

  2. Oh, you are too much! I agree, isn't it THE most annoying thing not being able to find your keys!??!?! You're just like..."Well, NOW WHAT?!?!?!"

    but in your bra? wow....was it a wonder bra? as in I wonder how you didn't feel a set of car keys in there! ;)

    I used to lose my keys everywhere, but THEN...I got one of those coat/hat rack things that you hang on the back of a door....and when i get home, i hang my coat, my purse & my keys on it, and then when i leave again, there they are right where i took them off.


    Just a suggestion.


  3. Why do I find nothing strange about this?

  4. My kids always suggest the standard places for me to find my keys, which is a daily ritual here too. The standard places: in my shoes, in the mailbox, in dad's workboots, in the refridgerator, and on top of the toilet. "Standard" because my youngest can sneak my keys out of my pocket in no time flat and those are her favorite hiding places.

    I will be so glad when she's finally human. I'm sticking with WHEN and not IF.

  5. LOL, and how is that "unexcused"? :) I could lose things there as well. It makes a good pocket for a cell phone. And I'm thinking beeper that beeps when you clap. That way you don't even need a computer. Could come in handy in the car, a store, etc.

  6. I caught you!! Fess up. You thought you could brag that you needed a bigger than D cup because of your generous assets. You just needed the extra storage space.

    I've just got a lanyard attached to my keys so that it's always hanging out from my purse. I never lose them (anymore).

  7. Wonder if they make a clapper for car keys. Say like you clap & they then chirp until you locate them.

    Not that I find it strange that you put them in your bra, but um how did you not feel them in there?