Monday, November 9, 2009

Come to Jesus

Today was a day to come to Jesus. It was a day that I discussed the lay of the land around this house. What I expect and what I won't tolerate. Funny, both of the adult children think that they deserve to make their own adult decisions and lead their own adult lives...while they live under my roof. Not so my friend, just not so.

First, if I pay for your gas, you don't use it unless I sanction the errand.

Second, if you use the food stamps that you've been hoarding to buy your own groceries, no, I sure as heck will not make sure that my kids don't eat your food. Why, are you not eating theirs?

Third, I came so close (thumb and forefinger actually touching) to telling my youngest step son to go f*#k himself today. I'm not proud of that, but, I still think he ought go f*#k himself. He thinks that my children are, "in need of Ritalin or something, they're out of control, they have no discipline." Which of course is actually a reference to my three year old who is special and none of his freaking business.

Fourth, I don't give a rat's behind if you stay here or not. This time though, when you leave, it will be forever, so make sure you really want to go when you leave, the door won't open again for an extended stay.

Finally, you owe me. Not the other way around. Don't have an attitude, don't be ungrateful, don't think that you can treat my home as a hotel. If you live under my roof, you play on my family team, if you can't play well with others...GET OUT!


  1. Right on, Viv! Love, love, love this.

    So...did they get the message?

  2. Awesome Viv. Wicked Awesome, as we say in the Northeast. I hope they cried a little

  3. Cry? Not even close, they barely refrained from giving me the finger.

  4. Oh, if they ever give you the finger, please, please, please....break it off.