Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday night TV, my crutch is gone

Did anyone else watch the last episode of Jon & Kate tonight?

I did. It was sort of strange, because in the dairy farm portion, I was reminded of all the reasons I fell in love with the show in it's early days. Originally, I watched the showing thinking, "if that lady can do it, why can't I?" It was a motivational thing for me. I empathized with the 'crazy' on the show. Kids hitting each other every time Mom or Dad turned their backs, the unreal noise level, the work involved in raising a large family was well portrayed.

As the show evolved, long before the headlines and rag magazines, my interest waned. I mean, it is near impossible for me to sympathize with nannies, ski trips, and Hawaiian vacations. Still, I watched. Not as often, but, I did more often than not.

I was always envious of the relationship that Jon had with his kids. Part of me wanted to make a tape of the pertinent parts and present it to my husband, in a, "see, other Dads know how to give their kids a bath/take them out of the house/dress babies/brush teeth," kind of way. My husband must have been aware of my secret desires, because as much as I liked the show, he has always hated it. "Are you watching that again? Don't get any ideas!" He would often admonish me.

If you all were watching tonight, you might have noticed that has changed. What was up with the extremely immature, IMHO way he handled the older girls before the lemonade stand thing? I mean, I totally live in a glass house on this one, I am NOT the disciplinarian extraordinaire, but, sheesh, my finest moments aren't recorded on film.

When the headlines started I was pulled back into the storyline. I was shocked that in less than a half a year a couple could go from renewing vows to divorce court. I mean, WOW, it was fast! It will be interesting in a truly voyeuristic type of way, to see where the family will go from here.


  1. Hi there. I just wanted to share something with you. I have two nephews with autism and my sister-in-law just shared this blog with me that I thought was great. Thought you might enjoy it too. I love your blog too btw :)

  2. You fell in love with Jon & Kate for the same reasons I did. As well you begin to leave the show as they went to the dentist for teeth whitening & ski trips etc. I loved those kids more than anything, I giggled at the chaos and it made me feel like it was my house & that other people lived like I did.

    The last couple of years I'll be honest I was also tired of watching Kate, Jon just seemed to be along for the ride. I hated that he didn't seem like the leader of the family.

    Then when the drama started I boycotted. I didn't watch the last episode & I won't. I know Jon is getting a lot of slack, but I really don't feel Kate is much better and NO ONE is putting those wonderful kids first and thinking about what they need.