Tuesday, November 24, 2009

He says, she says

My husband is on his way home. I am delighted. I cannot hardly wait until I can leave the kids with him and get the heck out of Dodge. I know that I am well and truly, mentally and physically exhausted, when the idea of being alone trumps that of seeing my husband. And, boy, oh boy, does it ever!

Tomorrow, I am taking our laundry to the coin laundry again. BY MYSELF! I am dizzy with anticipation. It is of course necessary that I go, or else we'll have to show up to Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents' home naked. The washer is still dead, and the laundry situation is honestly that bad. I don't know when we'll replace it, but, I think that it is important to find out what is wrong with my truck first.

My husband is so excited to come home and be part of the family, I'm so excited that he'll be here so that I can ditch them all for awhile. Such is life, or to be more accurate, such is 'our' life.


  1. Laughing at your want to run away from home...I love hearing about this stuff, because since i'm single, not a mom...I have this big ole house to myself all the time, I don't suffer the way you adorable mom-types do, and it's endearing to see how you all handle these "situations" that arise.

    Enjoy the coin laundry btw, some of my best blog posts came from the people of the laundromat!

    I have several posts on my blog if you need proof! :)


  2. Had a little down time to read through your previous posts this evening. All I have to say is you my fellow blog friend are a freakin Saint!

    I'm also getting off the computer to go kiss & hug my man & thank him for doing the laundry all the time since I cook & thank him for co-parenting both his children and mine with me!

  3. congrats viv. The best way for you to test the truck is to get in it and keep driving . . .