Sunday, November 8, 2009

Forget about cake, "Let me drink wine!"

Today was a day to celebrate. My oldest daughter and I got up early and went to brunch. We had planned to go first to church, and then to brunch, but, my step sons wanted to sleep in, therefore we waited. We went to a simple brunch at our Whole Foods, during which I didn't even collect on my free mimosa (which I am regretting now) and we talked until the farmers market opened up. The farmers market is a very small, informal thing that is hosted in the parking lot of the grocery store.

We had fun looking at the goods from the different vendors. We purchased kitty soaps, pooh bear beeswax candles, and organic dog cookies from one vendor, glass bottle sodas from another, and my daughter's first pair of dangly earrings from a third. We talked to an organic CSA (???) that has what I think is a steep fee. It is $300 for 12 weeks, six items each week. I haven't done the math (yet) but, I'm pretty sure that I can do better at our local health food store. $.99 a pound organic eggplant anyone?

My typing is seriously suckish tonight, I think that it is the organic Sauvignon Blanc that I bought to try a cider recipe on Stacey's blog, I only need 3/4 of a bottle for the recipe, so I thought that it would be prudent to drink the other 1/4. Um, so, yeah...before I make the cider I need to go buy more wine. The soda we bought at the farmer's market today was ginger ale for the same recipe coincidentally.

We then retreated to an outdoor mall to just walk around, window shop and enjoy the cool weather, it was only 78 after all! My daughter picked up a couple of trinkets from a few of the stores, but, really, we just soaked up the sun.

It was a fabulous day. Then, then we came home. I made the Persian stew that I had promised to fix (last night actually, but, instead I made a pork loin roast with brussels sprouts, carrots, and sweet potato casserole) that is majorly labor intensive. There are five or six herbs that have to be washed and finely chopped plus spinach. I was happy to do it, but...

There is always a but. I came home to find an entire 12 pack of soda gone, a Costco size box of chocolate milk empty, 2 boxes of cookies, and 4 bags of Christmas candy gone. Plus three, no, four boxes of school lunch items that went hasta la vista in my absence. Which stresses me to no end about money. If 2 weeks worth of groceries disappears in a single weekend, we are in serious trouble.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful day and a great meal, Viv. What's the Persian stew? Was that your step kids that ate everything? My wife suggests that if your husband wants you to cut down on expenditures, you should tell him that if they are going to eat everything and not clean up after themselves, then you are charging them board and hiring a maid. Then they can stay as long as they want.

  2. Homemaker Man, the stew is Khoresht Sabzi, or Herb Stew. I use a pound and a half of stew meat which I brown in olive oil and turmeric, Then I finely chop two bunches each of parsley, cilantro, green onions, and leeks. I saute the herbs and add powdered fenugreek, salt to taste, and three or four dried Persian limes. I simmer all of this for three hours and I add two cans of kidney beans 15 minutes before serving. We eat it over basmati rice.

    I love your wife's idea! I'll implement it just as soon as one of them finds a job. Please God, let one of them find a job!!!

  3. The CSA I used to subscribe to was $67/month, so it was much less than $300/12 weeks, and the box weekly box was loaded with stuff, plenty for my large family (especially given my picky eaters, though). I loved it. Would like to join again, when money gets better. I wasn't very good at holding aside the $67/month, for some reason...

    Sounds like a great time with your daughter; I love one-on-one time with the kids. It's very special...