Saturday, November 14, 2009

A bad case of the blahs...random style

This morning Shan (formerly known as my step son) pounded on my door. Apparently he and his brother had been sitting outside of my house waiting for the mail to arrive. He wanted the paycheck I helped him to get reissued from his last employer that he rabbited (in my day, this meant quitting w/o notice) from. I was pretty surprised that he seemed to think that I would want to give it to him. His $30 paycheck (fine, $31 and change) was important enough that he had the balls to knock on my door after stealing my oldest son's game system. I agreed to check the mail IF...AND ONLY IF, he returned the DS.

I found the check and walked across the street to where my husband's cousin lives. I asked him to take it and to give it to my step son Shan, only after Shan gave him the DS. So, at least my son has his DS back (it was a limited edition color, that I was having trouble tracking down) even though, all of his games and accessories are gone. Still, the DS was a gift that is special to him, and he is very grateful to have it back, even though he can't play it until he gets some new games.


How long do you figure a person can go, having to wake up 3+ times a night? I find myself at 16 months and counting with no clear end in sight.

The above is my Facebook status. In what I am assuming is my husband's desire to show off his new FB skillz, he clicked on like. Which in turn made me grumpy. I suppose it is easy to like something like that when you are 350 miles away and well rested.


I have eaten four bags of Halloween candy, stopped dead in my tracks on the fifth because it was nasty. Out of date Reese's cups are the worst. Unfortunately, I know how to read date codes on those and I am appropriately horrified that it took me having to eat three before I checked the date. Eeeeeewwwww! I suppose if I end up with food poisoning, it will undo the damage from all the binge eating. If not, I'll have a size 18 (not quite, really) ass to remember this experience with the steps those delinquents by.


I took my kids to a wine tasting last night. I was shopping with my oldest and the three youngest when the beer/wine guy there put a free wristband on me to gain entry to the beer/wine tasting last night. I did protest (faintly) which he waved off because the event was pretty dead, so I tried a couple of wines while my kids ate dessert. One of my old work contacts was there. It felt weird to talk to someone still playing the game after being out of it for so long. It makes me wonder how I'll feel in 5 years when the kids are all in school and I go back to work...or if I will?

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