Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fishy water...yumm

I had left the house on Thursday morning to go by my children's school, before Shan and Shad left, of course. Shan was supposed to have been watching the little ones while I was on the school run. He chose instead to go back to bed. Which left my Hercules without supervision long enough to get into a bag of bread that was hidden away at the top of my pantry. One bite, he took one bite, and the following has since transpired.

  • He stuck his head in the fish tank and drank the water. Even my cats stay away from the tank, but, not Hercules, no, not Hercules.
  • He bit my one year old hard enough to leave a 24+ hours and counting mark.
  • He hit my 6 month old.
  • He has taken off his diaper to poop on the floor twice...sorry, make that three times.
  • His imagination is in overdrive. There is much talk about pirates and pickled pirates. *He uses the word pickle like I might use douche bag dum-dum???!!!*

Further proof that his diet is working isn't needed. I believe now. I believe.

My oldest son upon seeing him drink from the fish tank (I was on diaper duty at the time) was quick on his feet, he rinsed his mouth out with soap to kill any lingering germs. *Soap, yes, soap really.* Good thing I'm obsessively natural about cleaning products, huh? All that was left for me to do was to add some water to the tank so that the goldfish were no longer flopping on the gravel.

Other than my 16 month old's war wound, she is fine, as is my 6 month old, who just had the crap scared out of her.

I might start to cry if I have to clean up any more poopy messes from the floor (Molly, Patty, this includes you girls too) but, other than that, we're just praying for a rapid detox process.


  1. Wow. Is it a no-gluten diet, or just a no-wheat one?

  2. At least the infraction firmed up your belief that the diet is working. Sorry, reaching for the silver lining here...

  3. Phew. That is exhausting and nerve racking. I'm glad everyone is o.k. If it helps, The Peanut pee'd in her toy bus yesterday . . .