Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween...the cute and the political

Patty the devil dog

Molly the hot dog

Jelly Bean the cat

The Little Lady, my middle kitten

Baby Girl's first Halloween

The Big Boy has outgrown costumes...

Little Boy, the pioneer

Hercules, who never has time to look at the camera these days

I had no idea what an explosive topic trick-or-treat has become. I tried in vain to find out what hours would be designated for trick-or-treating. So, I did what I always do in a pinch...I asked other mommies. Wowza! I got plenty of answers, most of them included questions about my sanity and suggestions for church Halloween festivals.

Despite the best efforts of the community in which we live, we dressed up and hit the streets. We had to walk over a mile and a half to find fellow trunk-or-treat shunners. Three hours and a half a meager bag of candy each, we returned home.

I understand there are bad people in the world. I understand the desire to shield our children from harm, but, get a grip! Halloween is fun! I got my first Reese's cup one Halloween because my mother would never buy them, she was convinced there were worms in the peanut butter. I decided that Whoppers (my dad's fav) aren't really that good if you compare them to a Milky Way. I got to be all kinds of fun things, from a cowgirl to a homemade devil. I wore fishnet stockings for the first time with a Halloween costume. Doesn't anyone else have fond memories like mine of Halloween?

The death of Halloween as a family holiday saddens me.

Our fish tank is doing well...considering we are on our third water change. We added a catfish to help eat up the extra food my children are prone to give. Each and every person I have talked to has given me the same advice though, start flushing one by one until they're all gone. I guess I'm a dumbass because I can't intentionally kill the fish. In for a dime, in for a dollar, that's me.


  1. We had a sparse halloween around here too. It's just crazy that people are that afraid of Halloween. there really have been very few unfortunate trick-or-treating incidents relatively speaking. My 2.5 year old girl went as a lion (trick-or-treat . . . RAWR") and my ten month old as Dumbo.

  2. I am speechless at the stupidity of it all. What can happen to a kid whose parent is standing on the sidewalk while he rings the doorbell? Halloween is so much fun for kids, and parents are ruining it.

  3. First of all: the girls looked absolutely adorable! Second: Halloween and trick-or-treating are alive and well in California; it was fun and frenzied. I myself am not that wild about Halloween because it's sooooooooooo much work for me and because there really is TOO much candy and then too much fighting over candy. BUT, I'm happy that the kids had so much fun and that they love it so much.


  4. We end up driving the kids to houses of friends and relatives. Mostly because the houses are half a mile apart out here. I cannot believe that they don't have a community trick-or-treat night though. Dude, that's wrong.