Sunday, November 29, 2009

Living large, back in charge

Well, Hubby is gone. I'll miss him terribly. However, first I need to celebrate our return to our regularly scheduled programming! The thing about having lived alone (albeit with many children) for the last year and then some, is that, I've grown to like it. I'm selfish by nature. When it is just me and the kids, I don't have to share the remote, or watch stupid movies instead of football, hear my husband bitch about my beer being too strong, or "sleep on the edge of the bed, for no stinkin' man..." *Someone other than me knows those are song lyrics, right? Please name the title and artist in the comment section. Please?*

Right this moment, I am snarfing down pita chips with a spicy dip that my husband hates, drinking an IPA which my husband swears tastes like vodka, and playing on my netbook while watching the Jags suck ass. Heaven, just heaven. Speaking of football, I'm bummed because Dallas played on Thanksgiving (of course we won) and so there is little on right now for me to get stoked about...and I missed the Dallas game in favor of figure skating, so now I'm sure you understand why the remote is happy to have been returned her rightful place, at my side.

By this next next week, I'll be missing my other, better, half. Right now though, I'm going to hang ten on my wave of loneliness.


  1. First, I'm sorry to admit that I do not know the lyric...but you have to enlighten me. And second, "hang ten on my wave on loneliness" is sheer brilliance! Have a good week, Viv!

  2. John Mellencamp "Martha Say"

    I'm with ya I do like "my" alone time. At least my guy watches football too though.

  3. Damn, Laura beat me. I was just logging in... Ah, well.

    Anyway, I found your blog through HM, and I think you're great -- hilarious and straight shooting. I read every post! So, I figured I should "follow" you directly, rather than go through his blog =)

  4. I too enjoy my alone time. I can do whatever I want and no one cares. It's actually a great feeling :)

  5. Husbands can be such pains in the ass.