Friday, November 27, 2009


The facts:
Step children came by the house on Thanksgiving. They tried to kick in my door. Door frame splintered.

The threats:
Kill my husband. Kill me. Kill my children.

The results:
Two restraining orders. A new door and frame. A ruined holiday.

The aftermath:
Feel like crap, can't think, can't write, can't focus. Fear.


  1. WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?!?! Are you serious? I mean, I don't know you well enough to know the situation behind this horrid account of a ruined holiday, but you've got my attention. What in THE world would cause children to kick in a door? Adult children? Death threats...

    Oh, wow, gosh I'm sorry to hear this. Are you ok?


  2. Oy, Viv. Every time I think I'm having a bad time of it. . . I'm glad you folks got a restraining order. Paper trails are good. Don't hesitate to use it. I hope your husband is home for a while. I'm sorry for this, but it sounds like a state enforced Time Out is something your step kids are heading for anyway.

  3. Oh wow. So sorry! I know from reading past posts these boys have been a problem before, but never to this extent. I'm glad you got the restraining order. Be sure to use it and call the police when/if they appear again so they can enforce it. Their agressive behavior could be a warning sign of drug use (something harder than pot, obviously - crack or meth have those side effects).

    Be safe Viv.

  4. And I thought I was having a bad week...

  5. Viv, you are all in my prayers. That shouldn't happen to anyone. How are the little ones handling it?

  6. What are these children thinking?!? I hope their father is able to talk to them about their actions, not that it would change anything.