Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fighting fish and fluff

Last night our Betta, Survivor, was dethroned as the ultimate survivor. Actually, he was dethroned this morning when my daughter found our new Betta tank on the carpet, upside down. When I woke up my son (Hercules, of course) to find out where the fish was, he informed me that he was somewhere near the foot of my bed. Sure enough, my oldest daughter and I found the fish, it must have been there since last night. I asked my daughter, as she is far less squeamish than I, to retrieve a piece of tissue and flush him. When she touched the fish it started flopping madly. We managed to get it back into the bowl and to put some water in there. Violet (the male Betta) is swimming right now...and not in the big pond in the sky. A bit of internet research tells us that Bettas have a sort of lung called a labyrinth, that enables them to breathe air, and that they don't die until their bodies dry out in 24-48 hours. Wow! Right?

Last night I took a cooking class at Whole Foods (of course) that was kind of cool. The dishes were crab meat stuffed shrimp and tarragon brussel sprouts. I actually enjoyed the brussel sprouts better than the shrimp, surprising, as I love shrimp and didn't think that I liked brussel sprouts. I guess that my mom's version of frozen sprouts that she boiled for a half a century, wasn't the best gauge.

Tonight I took an amazing cooking class there, presented by Lynn Yeager, of Cookie Momsters, who is half of a local company that makes GFCF frozen doughs that the store sells. She showed us an amazing recipe for GFCF Thanksgiving dressing that had everything from apples to sausage in it. It was better than my usual dressing even! She also did a sweet potato casserole, fruit pizza, and ice cream pie. Serious WOW! My new favorite anything is Tempti mint chocolate chip ice cream made from hemp milk that is so freaking good, it was what she used in the ice cream pie! I can't wait to go by her store, that sells all kinds of baked goods (all GFCF) including bread that she assured me would make a great PB&J sandwich. The next day they are open is Saturday though, so I'll just have to force myself to be patient.

Little Boy brought his class pet home today and he is most upset that this time we didn't do anything special with him. I think that it is most important to understand that not everyday has to be a special day...or that is what I'm telling him as my schedule did not permit riding the train or going to the park with Jasper. I have been officially dethroned as the World's Best Mommy, until the next time at least!

A new massage place opened up down the street and I'm considering trying out their introductory hour for $30. I think it is a deal, I'm just not sure how comfortable I'd be. Maybe I'll talk myself into it, and, then again, maybe I won't.

This was, I'm afraid, the best I could do today. For my 200th post (coming up soon) I am hoping to surprise us all with something well written and potentially humorous. We shall see. It could just be all these long days/weeks/months/years of sleep deprivation that Monica talked about here, on her most awesome blog. Then again, that can't be it, she's as sleep deprived as I am, and she is still brilliant and funny. Depressing.


  1. Hemp milk??? I thought I was up on my organic food info. . . not to mention my hemp info.

  2. Aw, Viv, stop! Such nice words... :)

    And that special day thing, yes! I try to talk to my kids about the same thing, that not every day needs to have something special, that the simple life is good too, that just being at home taking care of business is good too. They don't believe me. I guess we have to trust that they will get it someday. And if the sleep deprivation doesn't kill us first, maybe we'll be around to see it. :)

  3. You have to love a GFCF bakery. Yummy. How do find time for a cooking class. You continue to amaze me.

  4. Dude, the fish was still alive?! Those bettas are awesome. Who knew?

    And do the massage. I've never had one so one of us needs to take the plunge.