Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hard lemonade and bad music

So, it is Saturday morning and I have a little secret. I am drinking wine. Not intentionally, but rather because my son insisted that I finish the 'lemonade' I put in the fridge after dinner last night (in a paper coffee cup) in favor of a bottle of my favorite hard cider. As a result my mood is much improved over an hour ago when I stopped the game of, 'throw all the apples my mom just washed and put in the fruit bowl as hard as you can against the wall.'

Of course, as soon as I opened the cider and took a generous swig out of the quart size bottle, a mother and daughter knocked on my door collecting for their church's abused children's fund. I think they won't be back. Perhaps it was the bug eyed look of the daughter, or maybe the aghast expression on the mother's face when I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, but, I think they were pretty appalled. Whatever. At least they came before I started a movie upstairs and music (headphones) downstairs.

Speaking of music, my taste is abysmal. I like just about anything. Including the musically challenged but the stuff with clever lyrics. Last night I listened to N.W.A. (does anyone else remember them) and 'A Bitch Iz A Bitch' to which I love the lyrics, "when you say hi, she won't say hi," how true is that? Then Everclear and "Santa Monica" and "Volvo Driving Soccer Mom." To prove that my taste is truly eclectic, I played some Syleena Johnson, "Guess What" happens to be one of my favorites and John Legend's, "Number One." If you haven't heard the last one, pull the version with Kanye West up on YouTube when your children are far away. It makes me laugh out loud.

Today I am kind of cranky. I swear that my kids woke up this morning asking themselves this question, "what can I do that will REALLY piss my mom off today?" They have been busy testing their theories since their eyes opened.

My truck is having issues. I need to have it looked at, but, how? Not like I can plan to entertain six kids while they are trying to determine what it's issues are. I am leery enough of the voltage meter on 'L' and the funky smell when I cut off the engine not to want to go anywhere. Sadly, I have to get milk, so, I'm hoping the old girl will make it to the store and back. I love my truck. I agreed to get a minivan when it has to be replaced, so I am firmly intending to drive it until it qualifies for one of those 'Antique' license plates.

Have a good weekend everybody!


  1. Viv. A Bitch Iz a Bitch is a terrific song! And I think answering the door stinking of booze is probably the best way I've ever heard to handle people asking for money. You have the nice weekend too.

  2. That must be a pretty big truck. Everyone fits in it? I hate my mini-van with a passion. It's a torture chamber. Resist as long as you can...