Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed very near

Yesterday brought a great many things. The principal had the guidance counselor return my call. I met with them at the school in the afternoon. Fortunately, I have more practice speaking over my small children than they the floor was mine for the taking. The end result is of with the status quo. The only thing that I really hoped to gain at this point, was establishing a name/face recognition with the principal. So that in the future, I might have an easier time getting her attention if necessary. I hope that has been done.

Then the big kids and I went to an Easter Egg Hunt and an egg decorating class at our Whole Foods market. The kids were disappointed by the egg hunt, and I was disappointed by the egg decorating class. Each of my kids found an average of two eggs on the egg hunt...I can hardly imagine the results if all 25 children had shown up, we had 12. The egg decorating class had claimed to be a class teaching children how eggs could be naturally colored and decorated. In reality they had about ten egg decorating kits that were anything but natural. My kids had the best time though! In the end it was their enjoyment that mattered most, I'm not sure anyone will ever ask to sample any of their creations. I sent one child to school today with pale purple fingers and two with pale blue fingers. I have two fingertips that have faded from bright orange to a "does she have hepatitis yellow" so I think I am going to declare our egg dyeing duties over for this Easter season.

Home was really lovely last night. MY HUSBAND IS DRIVING ME FREAKING NUTS! He fixed dinner for himself last night. No mention of the children or myself. He did wait until after we got back from our Easter fun to start his dinner, because, he can't cook and watch children "at the same time." Then after dinner he proceeded to tell me about how he really needed to go over the material for the training class he is taking today and tomorrow. *I'm not the engineer...but, if I had the book for say a month, and say for the first 25 days I had the book, my days were child free, and say I knew that when I got home that I would have 5 children wanting my attention...I think I would have studied BEFORE I came home. Please note, I am not the engineer.* Of course, last night was another bedtime disaster. Hubby thought that since H had a short nap so that I could make the school conference, he would put him down for a nap at five in the evening. He also called to let me know that the baby fell out of her swing onto the tile floor because he 'forgot' to strap her in. Fortunately, no concussions or brain damage seem to have resulted.

I finally walked the baby to sleep last night. Then I told Hubby that I was too tired to see H through to bedtime. I hit the bed, Hubby and H came up a few minutes later. TLL woke up an hour later. I walked her back to sleep. She was up two hours after that. Hubby brought her into bed with us. Then she got up again around 4:30. Hubby made her a bottle and I put her back to sleep. I went back to bed. Hubby woke me up a half hour later to inform me that he couldn't fall back to sleep. He also told me that his training class was going to be a disaster because he was exhausted, and of course it was all my fault. *sigh* I hope he has a good day and comes home in a decent mood.

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  1. Of course it's your fault! It's ALWAYS the mommy's fault! It's our special lot in life: to make everyone else miserable. Congrats on doing such a good job!