Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mommy has an ouchie

Oh my...I feel major yuck today. TLL was really uncomfortable last night, for reasons unknown. I ended up walking her most of the night. She seems fine today though, so that makes me happy. She is 28 lbs these days and therefore not so easy for me to walk. When I shift her so that the pressure isn't on my belly, I end up doing a number on my already bad back. I feel like a cripple. Just so you understand, when I opened the fridge and saw that my coffee drinks were on the bottom shelf? I decided to do without.As a reward, I got a million hugs and kisses from H...AFTER I picked him up at his insistence.

Hubby intends to make khoresht today (which is a stew kind of thing with lots of awesome herbs and spinach served over rice) for the family which means my step son will be here soon. I had planned on taking the kids to the Earth Day celebration at our local organic food grocer. I thought they would have fun with the yoga, music, face painting and zillion samples. Now, I'm not so sure we'll make it.

We'll see. I'll update later if the day isn't too crazy.

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