Sunday, April 5, 2009

Note to spouse disguised as a post

This post is going to be short because apparently a woman's brain does truly shrink during pregnancy. However a couple of things are flitting around in my mind.

  • I LOATHE being off our happy schedule.
  • Even if my kids are in totally craptastic moods, at least I know when they'll sleep, usually.
  • Having kids in craptastic moods with limitless energy sucks.
  • It sucks worse if your husband's crying and whining just adds to the fun.
  • If your way clearly doesn't work...what the hell...try it your wife's way, just in case maybe in a zillion months of single parenting she actually learned something.
  • I fucking hate ineptitude. It is one of the reasons that I left the workforce...why I am just remembering it now?
  • When bedtime has gone all to shit...screaming at your spouse at the top of your lungs...probably isn't going to help the little ones slip off into dreamland. Please see the above observation about trying it your wife's way...ya know...just in case it works.
  • Can it really be preferable to be seen as a raving lunatic than to...ya know...try it your wife's way and take the chance that you'll be *gasp* wrong?

P.S. Your wife would probably never even mention that it was her idea...if you would just fucking do it already.


  1. What gets me, and I mean REALLY gets me, is when they think they are trying so hard with the kids when in actuality they haven't even stuck their toes in the waters of trying, haven't even come close to the monumental energy, thought, love, sweat, tears, blood and sheer will power that moms have to muster daily, hourly, minute by minute.

    Whoops. I guessing banding together at all costs is going to be tougher than I thought!

  2. Erg, don't you hate it? But I still feel guilty when I'm thinking "my way is right". Even worse is when he says "I was watching Nanny911 and ..."?!? What get on the floor and play with him? Why would I want to do that, I never do that. He'd feel spoiled if I did that. Just lay back down on the couch and get back to your nap. Sorry our fire trucks woke you. Yeah, I'm pretty fed up right now too.